Day 12 – Powerless to Save Ourselves

“I have to surrender, become passive in the presence of a power greater than I.” Fr. Robert Barron

I’m a fan of the 12 Step Program ideology. It is my belief that everyone in life is covering or needs to recover from something. Everyone needs to getmended. I won’t beat this rug til the fabric frays but a while ago I wrote about Step One, so scroll through and reacquaint yourself with that post.

I think passivity gets a bad rap. One of MW’s definitions states c-1 lacking energy or will. I think it takes a great deal of will and energy to surrender and/or not act. With all that is going on in the world, everyone feels that they HAVE to stand up for themselves or others and while that may be true, sometimes surrender is the greatest weapon. I cannot speak on what I would do in situations, my temperament tends to betray logic, reason and common sense but I recognize the Power of Passivity in that none were more passive than Jesus yet none is more powerful.

I surrender all

All to thee my blessed Savior

I, surrender all.

Day 11 – How can we fully enter Adent?

In his notes, Fr. Robert Barron notes that “Vatican II called for a revival in biblical studies, but I don’t think that’s happened yet, at least among average Catholics.” I believe this to be true, not only of Catholics but of many denominations simply because most people don’t know how to study the bible and those who do, don’t know how to teach it.

I participated in RCIA last year and I was amazed how some people who call themselves Christians really have no solid knowledge of Christ. I’m not judging because I’m no theologian scholar but I know what I know and IMHO every Christian should know or have some idea of the very basics. The director of the RCIA class even noted that people who convert to Catholicism are better Catholics than “cradle” Catholics and the “cradle” Catholics in the class were in 100% agreement. They spoke about the information presented in the class are things they never learned about; at home or at church. Turns out, they too learned under the “it’s always been this way” thumb of religious learning.

It is quite difficult to re-acquaint yourself with someone or something when you really may not have an idea of who or what it is you are trying to acquaint yourself with. Since Advent is the season of waiting, why not spend that time acquainting yourself with the reason for the wait. Once you understand that, then join the rest of us in the daily process of re-acquaintance. Christianity; The Original – Who’s on First.

Day 10 – The Highest Mountain

In his reflection, Fr. Robert Barron notes “ For when we give glory to G-d in the highest, we rightly order all our desires: we love G-d first and then all other things for the sake of G-d.” Since this is Christmas time, this is the only time when TV airs A Christmas Carol, I’m talking the original BW movie or even the one with G.C. Scott.

The scene that comes to mind in reference to Fr. Barron’s note is the scene where the Cratchit family is gathered round the table and about to make a toast when Bob proposes a toast to the founder of their feast, Mr. Scrooge. There is bemoaning and disgusted outcry at this request but it is Mrs. Cratchit who, in a round about way, gives glory to G-d in the highest. She says, “I’ll drink his health for your sake and the Day’s”. Now I know, we’re supposed to “love thy neighbor” and in a twisted way, that is what she is doing. She’s “loving” Mr. Scrooge, not for his sake but for the sake of her husband and the Day’s and the day is Christmas, so, there you have it. Giving glory to G-d in the highest, at least that’s how I see it. Often we do this without realizing it. What you do or give someone may not be for their benefit or on their behalf but you may do it out of love – or a great deal of like – for someone else who is connected to that person.

Everything has a source, does it not? The food that was prepared, was bought from a store, paid for with money, money earned for work performed, money paid by employer, money obtained by employer through (insert means), (insert means) provided by (insert source) and it goes on and on. Whatever you have, whatever you have received, whatever you give away came from somewhere; it has a source. It’s no coincidence that the old dowsing rods were often Y shaped. You have to be open to be able to receive.

Why, why why

Can’t we get it right

Just can’t get it right…MJB

Day 9 – The Babe Who Throws Down Fire

“Jesus wants to cast a consuming fire on the earth to burn away all that is opposed to G-d’s desire for us.” Fr. Robert Barron

Luke 12:49 can be a bit off putting, after all, WE live here on earth. Everyone knows that fire is used to cleanse/sterilize. It took my own journey to really understand that is what the bible means by “Hearts on Fire” ohhh, my heart is dirty (sinful), ok I get it. Wait, wasn’t I born with a dirty heart, soo why not cleanse it before I get here? Huh, it’s too easy. If you do it then I won’t learn anything, but what is there for me to learn? I need to learn how to make choices but I thought you were in control, doesn’t that mean you make all the choices for me? — See how this can go on. I resigned myself that this is how free will came about. Life is the ultimate buffet; an endless amount of choices. Yeah, free will is overrated, IMHO. Life for me was much simpler when my grandparents were here telling me what to do. Of course I did my own thing at times, but the majority of the time I relied on them. Funny how I have such a hard time relying on the one they relied on. Yeah, yeah, it’s that whole faith, seeing, touching thing. Take a listen to Chaka Khan sing Through the Fire, those who are on a journey will understand and appreciate the lyrics (great writer BTW) and may want to ask themselves; when the fire rains down, will I walk through, becoming purified or will I be like Usher (let it burn, let it burn, let it burn)?

Day 8 – A New Beginning

“A new creation, some new and unheard of order is emerging out of chaos.” Fr. Robert Barron

In his daily reflection, Fr. Robert Barron notes that “opening lines matter, especially when dealing with a great writer.” THAT is such a true statement. First words matter. I won’t say they can make or break you but they can certainly cause you equal amounts of joy and pain. As a great writer, IMHO, it’s important for me to peak your interest right from the start, hence my use of weirdly unassociated titles/headings at times. It’s all relative but in my own way. People often talk about new beginnings but I doubt if we really give much thought as to what it really means. If we did, we’d need less therapy to help deal with/get over the past.

At night, when we retire to bed, this, I believe, is the start of our new beginning. Our bodies and mind, hopefully are at rest and thus in the process of rejuvenating themselves to prepare us for a new creation (day) because regardless to what we see and think, this day is unlike any other. There are those who say the bible is just a story and that I don’t argue, for it is the best storybook ever written, IMHO, but is it really just a story? If it is, the writer(s) definitely is The GOAT because from Apostolic to Atheist, it seems everyone has read the story or some parts thereof and in that, the writer(s) achieved their goal. They got you to turn the page. Sucker!!!