My First Triathlon

So, normally I don’t post too much about my athletics because I’m not much for bragging, or what I consider bragging because I’m the only person in my small circle who’s doing it; but I joined this triathlon group after reminding myself that I had told myself that I would be more engaging.  See, groups can be cliquish and snobby and quite unwelcoming; which is what I encountered on my way to becoming a triathlete.  Runners are the worse.  If they don’t perceive you as an athlete or someone who can run fast, forget about it.  You’re lucky if you get an introduction, more less someone to run with you.  So, I told them to kick rocks and went on my way.  

Anywho, being raised an only has its perks.  I trained alone for my first Tri in 2012 and overall I did well.  My swim was exhausting. There was splashing, walking, gasping and waayy too much effort, but I made it. It was a pool swim and by the time I finished the first circle, I was ready to go.  Good thing they let you walk and use the lane lines, otherwise some of us might still be there, me included.  I finished in 16 minutes which oddly enough, was exactly what I thought I would do.  My swim lessons were mediocre because (1) too many people in the class and (2) we never really did swim/stroke/deep water. Didn’t matter that I was near the end of the swimmers, my 28 chicklets were still shining as I trotted off to the bike.  Now, every thing I read talked about transition but here’s the thing, I didn’t really think it mattered.  I can’t put wet feet into dry socks and so thus began my tradition of Primping in Transition because Prettiness NEVER takes a back seat.  I did well on the bike, except for the hills.  Good Night Irene those things were a killer.  Made it back and again, PiT took over.  I don’t buy into that whole “If you still look pretty, you didn’t work hard enough” foolishness, reason being, I ALWAYS know where the cameras are and No, I’m not vain but I’m not buying an ugly race photo either,  you can miss me with that. At the end of my run, I turned towards the finish line, saw my friends and I felt a wave of emotion come over me.  I flashed my Orbit smile and raised my arms up and that was and is a winning image.  I had that made into a magazine cover to commemorate the occasion.  When I see my time I chuckle, PiT got the best of me, but I finished. PiT is something I’ve built into my schedule.  Honestly, I’m not too concerned about time, I’m one of those people who just wants to finish because whether I’m first or last 9Ricky Bobby voice), you will still call me a Triathlete. My medal will look different only from the those who are crowned Champion.  

Some people are annoyed by those of us who “just want to finish” but since I’m not competitive, not in that since, my training and effort will pay off by way of my finishing injury free and finishing strong.  My friends ask me all the time, “Why do you do it?” and I say because I can, literally.  I know soo many people who can’t do much and I figured, since I have full use of my body, I’m going to move until I can’t move any more.  I’m highly creative and I have ADD ( I think) so I get bored, quick.  That’s how I started doing Tri’s in the first place.  I will probably never do a 26.2 mile race because I’d be too bored.  Tri-ing is a lifestyle and like all lifestyles, everyone’s is different.  So, this group I joined, turned out to be pretty cool.  I had my doubts at first because, as I stated, groups can be tricky. New people can be annoying, veterans can be a**es; so like a box of chocolates, you just don’t know what you’re going to get. To my delight, I’ve really enjoyed the group.  I’ve learned tons because I don’t ask a lot of questions or if I do, it’s to see if people really mean what they say when they say you can ask anything.  I listen (read) a lot from what others in the group have to say and then I research to see if it’s for me.  I take offense to nothing or at least try not to because nothing is about me, so again, I just listen and take note.

I’m not sure how long I’ll do triathlons before I get bored and move on to something else.  Already I have my eye on a summer adventure, L-rd willing and the creek don’t rise, and it does not involve Tri-ing.  I’m serious about what I do – I buy the gear, gadgets, outfits (yes, that is what I call them) the whole nine because I’m serious about it. Anything I do, I’m all in, even if “all in” is for a brief period. I do Triathlons because there’s something extraordinary about doing 3 events one right after the other and regardless to what your physical shape is or may look like, when you cross the finish line it means only one thing – you are a Triathlete.

I’m not your average athlete because there’s nothing average about me. Well, at one time it was my height (5’5 with brown eyes, smile like the sunrise)  but I’m not average, I am a Real Athletic Woman, my REAL not yours and this is my world.  I don’t allow squirrels.

What ails you?