Tell me what you want what you really really want.

#whatailsya – Quit beating around the bush. For every question asked, there is an answer that is desired. Are you brave enough to say why you want to know? Give a listen to this video for a new take on questions. Feel free to sing in the tune of Sam Smith – Swaaaaa(y) with me! ūüėÄ

Are ya sure?

Recently, I’ve noticed an annoying habit of some people. ¬†Ever been having a conversation or teaching someone something and as you are explaining, they interrupt you with what they think is the answer or what they think you are going to say or with some inappropriate “Yeah” or “Okay” or “I was going to say that” or some other complete annoying Askholish thing. ¬†I can’t be bothered with people like that. ¬†Some say “well you’re speaking too slow, I’m just trying to move the conversation along” ¬†Ok. ¬†Well, how about I let you fill in the blanks, as you see fit and let you run with it. ¬†When it turns out you’re wrong – and you will be because I’m not going to correct you or tell you that’s not correct or tell you that’s not what I was going to say – and you return to me in an uproar because you feel that I did you a disservice because I didn’t tell you were wrong because you told me “Yeah”, “Okay” or otherwise kept filling in the blanks for me, I will politely reply – “But I never told you that information, that is what you told me. ¬†I took it to mean you just wanted confirmation not information, so I gave you what you wanted.”

If you ask someone a question, wait for the response. ¬†That person didn’t approach you, you made a request so if you no longer need/want the answer, say nevermind, or thanks but I don’t need your assistance anymore but to ask then keep interrupting with your own answers/responses/or the lame ass Yeah/Okay, then you have no one to blame but yourself. What you should know is that once it happens, all other times, the information given to you should be considered tainted because I personally wouldn’t waste my time giving you information that I know you aren’t listening to. ¬†Call me Petty, I’m ok with it but to quote somebody i don’t even know -youbroughtitonyourself lol.

May I offer you a suggestion, may want to take a class, it’s under communications – The Lost Art of STFU 101.