Soul to Soul

One sure fire way to tell a writer is the number of notebooks, excess scraps of paper, iPad notes, etc., that are filled with enough words, sentences, paragraphs and such to fill a small library.  You have to get it down, Maxwell style: Whenever, Wherever, Whatever.  At least that’s the way it is for me because my writing isn’t of me.  So imagine the chuckles, questions and the outright mindblowing conversation I engaged in when this thought was placed in my head/on my heart.  Psalm 23, particularly, the beginning.  The L-rd is my Shepherd, I shall not want.  Really?  Really.  C’mon  Papa’, we all want something, even Jesus wanted and still wants.  Right now or then, when you gave me this thought, I wanted to get it out and down but it wasn’t time.  Whenever I pray, I want, to be closer to you.  When I’m in distress, I want, you to be close to me.  Seems I really do live in the Land of Plenty and in Want.  I think you like it that way.  You are so funny.

The very fact that I acknowledge that I want may mean I really don’t because I really do have all I need.  If all I want, is all I need. And all I need, is all I want; well everything is canceled out and I’m no better, no worse, I’m just fine.  Yeah, I don’t always feel fine because life here on Earth can be pretty rough some times and it gets hard to remember that what I want and what I need are one in the same.

“Back to life. Back to reality…However do you want me.  However do you need me.”  Is that a question or a statement? Who’s doing the asking/making the statement?  Is it the Shepherd or the sheep?  Both want something.  IJS.

Take this past weekend.  I wanted a different outcome, didn’t get it.  I want peace on Earth. I want, I want, I want.  And don’t tell me that’s not what it means.  Want, as it relates to the humanity, only has 1 definition.  Wanting, like quitting, gets a bad name.  You have to put it in perspective, that’s why there is more than one translations besides the KJV.  Still, it’s true that when you examine what you have, you’ll find you have what you need and what you need is actually, what you want.  Maybe, lol.  Papa’ sure is funny.