Because of you

September has been designated National Suicide Prevention Month.  It is my opinion  that every month is suicide awareness because the issues and circumstances that drive some to contemplate and complete suicide remain well beyond the glare of the national spotlight.

“There were times, no one was around, no love to be found, my life was upside down.  And there were times, I didn’t have one friend, I could not fit in, was in so much pain and suffering.”

Often, these are just some of the thoughts and feelings experienced by any human, but they are more profoundly felt by those who see no way past these issues and circumstances.

There is someone that is always there, who that person is for you may vary but G-d is always there. He may be quiet, aloof and any other distant human quality we wish to assign to him but absent is not one of them.  Someone is there, someone is always there and if you can be brave enough to just look up and out and reach, that someone may be able to help you save yourself.

“Because of you, I am so much better.  Because of you, I am so much wiser.

Because of you, I’m stronger than ever.  Because of you, I won’t give up never.”

Because of You – from I’m Jus’ Sayin’, the debut album by Moosh Millionz

“Big” lil brother

There’s something to be said about looking “up” to younger siblings. I’m a coconut so they know it ain’t easy to impress (get through to) me but my #2 and #3 baby brothers are putting in the work.

My #1BB – Moosh Millionz is the most like me – creatively, so he’s like me, not easily impressed but every now and again, he gets a head nod from Big Sis!

My #2BB – M. Majid did me proud Tuesday. He got his marketing swagger ON.  Dude was as charismatic as Bill Clinton and as engaging as Tony Robbins.  He worked the room like a pro and it was his first time at the rodeo.  I think he’s stepping into his own and I’m honored to assist him in becoming a better winner.

My #3BB – J. Isaiah, is more like my kid, really. He continues to amaze and inspire me. He’s my future, future.  He enlightened me today and while I know he looks up to me, perhaps they all do, what he said struck me in such a way that Rheem(an) compelled me to write about it.

Getting my Jim Harbaugh mentality on: The Power of Exclusion. “Winners have the right to get better. The winners have the right to condition more, to be better [football players] and the losers have to go to the side. They go over there and stand [and watch the winners get better]. Winners keep playing. Winners advance to the next round, the next opportunity.” Jim Harbaugh  Some people just don’t want to get better. Some people just don’t want it and that is completely ok…for them. The Word says ” Those who have ears, let them hear” well, everybody who has ears can’t hear but if you have ears and can hear and/or refuse to hear, well, stop asking people “What’d they say?“!  Do us (winners) a favor – Get out of the way! Go stand over there, on the side and watch us (winners) get better (by putting in more work).  Even with putting in more work, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be a winner because there will always be someone smarter, faster, better, period.  It’s the drive and desire to be better that gives you the upper hand. I’m no football player but I have a pretty good stiffarm.  #allIdoiswin

A girl needs to be surrounded by good men.  I’ve got 3 of the best and even though they won’t tell you, I’m their favorite!  #gamessiblingsplay