Azab Dabaq

If your life is held together with spit and a half a piece of gum, then prepare for that sucker to crumble like feta. Life for me is like a roadster – room for 2 only. Metaphorically speaking of course, I have plenty of room in my life for others but I am quite persnickety about who enters my realm. You’ve got a better chance of getting into Buckingham Palace than you have in getting in my life. I’m funny, oh it’s true, just ask Tracy of Jennifer. I’m funny but I’m a friend for life (if your Chi is right. No Chi, No E!) I think my alter ego is Yosemite Sam. He has the best temperament when he gets upset. I wish I could be so brave, but we have these rules and people tend to frown upon such behavior (eyes rolling). Or better still, Rat from Pearls before Swine. Love that guy. There was this one strip where he would do a long ski jump look (you know the one where you just stare straight ahead, stiff bodied) every time somebody said something stupid or what he thought was stupid. Man, I would be in a constant state of ski jump look. Or even Danae from Non-Sequitur, THAT little girl just rules, kid after my own heart. So I guess that leads to the question, who am I? Answer, whoever I’m required to be at the time required. People ask me, what’s your real name, what does EJ stand for – why? Are you going to do to see if we’re related or are you just asking because you’re nosey? We ARE NOT friends, call me by what I introduced myself to you as, not what you heard someone else call me. Who do you think you are? I don’t say a lot, but my face, it betrays me often. I try to talk to it, but it just blows me off. Sorry, my ADD kicked in and I got off track, forgive me. Roadster, yes. Seems now, I don’t even need that extra seat because I’ve been forsaken. Taylor Swift-ed. Left out in BFE with no H2O. It’s all good, things happen. I don’t eat feta but when you’re starving, left-out, leftover fish is quite appetizing. Beware loose lips lacing promises of … Guess I’ll get me a dog. At least then I’ll be the one to do the forsaking. Who am I? I… am alone but in the words of Mary J., I’ll be JUST FINE FINE FINE FINE FINE FINE HOOOOO.

Who loves ya baby?

Yesterday was my Sabbath. Oh don’t get me wrong, growing up as I did, Sunday was THE day, but as an adult, I need that reCREATION after toiling all week and I need it the next day not the day after. Since I’ve developed (my term for aging), I’ve found that Sundays weren’t the same. Before I was as developed as I am now, Sundays were peaceful, restful. Now, I find that my mind shifts into work mode on Sundays and the peace and rest that once was there has been replaced with TO-DO lists, errands to run, sleep to catch up on, and, well, you get the idea. I could no longer be. Just be. Be still, be at peace, be at rest, just be, like I used to be, so I decided to make a change. Fridays are my Cyclone Closings. I’m running non-stop all day, to make sure I cram all my TO-Dos, errands, get in where you fit ins and anything else that NEEDS my attention, time, presence because Saturday is my Sabbath Day. Now, I find that my mind, body, soul and spirit can rest and reCREATE itself from the mental beating they took over the last 6 days. I no longer have to make/find time, get in where you fit in, listen to my cell phone calendar alerts asking for SNOOZE or DISMISS. Nope, now I can just be and oh what a feeling. Took me a while to get used to just be-ing. I was always looking for something to do, felt that I was wasting my precious time because I wasn’t on the computer, running errands or doing something that I’d neglected to do the 6 days prior. Now, whoooo, my be-ing is un-be-lievable. I wake up and my mind is clear. Dad and I talk off and on, all day. The quiet no longer gnaws at me to move. My transition to Saturday Sabbath Day gave me something I had (at least that was/is the perception) and something I yearned for…time. My microwaving, IMing, tweeting, texting, gottahaveitwritenow ID collapsed at the door. EGO was inflated – because I’m being self-centered, and deflated – because my self is being centered. And SUPEREGO, well after putting ID to bed and consoling EGO, found time To Relax. Get Comfortable. Get Mended with feet up and a 32oz cup of Cranberry GingerAle and without a coaster. Oh Sunday is still church day, but since rest is essential to maintaining a balanced life (do they make scales that can handle all that we need to balance) for me, day Seventh Sabbath Shores Soaring Spirits. Say that fast 7 times.