Advent Day 6 – Roots

Like Usher, I’m caught up!! I normaly don’t explain my references but tis the season, so I’m feeling generous.

Therefore every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire.” Fr. Robert Barron

Things that don’t work have not place in our society. Not people, not things, nothing. You must work/produce/function to hold status with us, if you fail to work/produce/function you/it may find yourself in the recycle/trash or on the curb. Parting with something or someone is difficult for some of us. Those who it is most difficult for end up on Hoarders. Our expectation is that people/things will work/produce/function as they should. What doesn’t help, is it truly a hindrance? I don’t know. All I know is that this time of waiting is a good time to clean and cleaning involves rooting through lots of junk to find out what works/produces/functions and what doesn’t.

Advent Day 5 – The Spirituality of Waiting

“Like (St.) Ignatius and the slouchers in Purgatory (Hell for you non-Christian folk), we wait. Although most of us are in a hurry, G-d calls us to a period of anticipation for the newborn King.” Fr. Robert Barron

Yes, the theme is repetitive, so if it bores you, I understand. No one likes waiting or reading about waiting but hey, we do our best to make the reading and waiting enjoyable. Back in the day, Ms. Fix My Life wrote a book In the Meantime and what I took away from that book is in life we are always on our way to something. Life is a journey after all and the events that happen along the way to your desired destination is “the meantime”. Take me, I’m on this journey and I know where I want to go, have no idea the exact method of getting there but I just know where I want to go. Until I get there, as I go on my way getting there, at times I have to wait. Wait for assistance, wait for instructions, wait for food, wait for money, all this waiting and nobody comes out to tell you how long the wait will be. If life were a company it would be in bankruptcy because it has THE WORST customer service, maybe only second to Comcast. But wait we will for bad service and anything else that we can wrap our pudgy little fingers around but waiting on The L-rd, well let’s not get carried away. The L-rd is slow, period. You know how you ask your parents for something and they tell you “in a minute” and you go back a few minutes later and ask again and they again tell you “in a minute” (little louder voice) and you go back a few minutes later and then you get a speech, well, that’s how I’ve come to understand G-d. His time is not like our time. When we ask/pray/beg/bargain for something and we keep asking/praying/begging/bargaining and still nothing, we get frustrated (but He did say pray without ceasing, so there goes that theory) but like parents, He’s saying, geez, you just asked me 5 minutes ago (his 5 minutes, for you maybe 5 months, 5 years) stop bugging me, I’ll get to it when I’m ready. And so we wait and in the meantime, what we do in the wait is what really matters.

Thank you for calling, we are experiencing heavy call volume.

Three Kings and Princess Lolita

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…
Now it’s time to say goodbye, to all our family. This was my first year celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas and I must say what a treat and honor it has been. I keep the Christmas spirit for the entire season. I did not get caught up in the retail hype and spend money I didn’t intend to spend but rather the gifts I purchased were thoughtful and often necessary. My birthday had more meaning this year because I never realized that the 12 Days of Christmas were real and that I was born during the 12 Days of Christmas. Tomorrow marks the Epiphany – where the visitation of the Magi (Three Kings Day) marks Christ’s divinity revealed to the Gentiles. I have given and received gifts, not only on Christmas Day but on days throughout the 12 Days of Christmas because the gift I received just keeps on giving. A high school friend of mine, Lolita is born on the 12 Day Christmas. How appropriate that her birth/revelation culminates on the day the world received the revelation of Christ. I know the majority of my words have something to do with God but make no mistake, I’m no religious nut, just a spiritual fruit – there is a difference. I recognize the wonder and beauty in everything around me and while creation is a wonderful thing, it doesn’t quite answer the question of where did I come from and how do those things happen. Driving down the street and looking up to see all the building and everyone maintaining solid footing on the Earth. How is that possible? Yeah, yeah, we all studied Sir Isaacs’ theory but HOW is it possible? Believers, non-believers and anyone else who falls in between, we are all dependent on whatever you believe or don’t believe because no matter how hard you try, you can’t pinpoint the exact reason for your existence or continued existence. Evolution is apart of life, it’s the creation part that has no answers. To be created, something has to already be there and where did that something come from. I no longer question, just accept each day that I’m privileged to be here. I’m grateful for the sun’s apparent rising in the East (you do know the Sun doesn’t actually rise or set don’t you) because it marks the dawning of a new day, whether it was created or evolved doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re here to enjoy it, so just say Thanks and keep it moving.

Happy Birthday Lo!!

Snellen Chart

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…a rearview mirror.
Some reading this may not know what the title means, and to that I say, Google it. I love music. My friends will tell you, when they get in my car, they don’t know what sound is going to come out of the speakers. One of my favorite groups is Rascal Flatts. They have a song, Broken Road. The song is a poignant look at the road traveled and the road not traveled and how he (Gary) is so thankful to God that every moment he missed, every broken road that he went down, led him right to where he is now. How sweet is that? That despite all the holes and ditches he probably had to maneuver around, he recognizes the value of the plan God had for him and the road he had to take. Hindsight is better than 20/20, 1080pi HDTV, even Coca Cola. Hindsight often hangs with the SWC crew and while they are cool, nobody likes them hanging around for long. All hindsight is, is reflection and we learned that with reflection, sometimes forgiveness is needed and then focus forward (Tenth Day of Christmas). Plenty of times I’ve thought about things after the fact but let’s be real, NOBODY likes a Monday Morning Quarterback

I set out on a narrow way many years ago
Hoping I would find true love along the broken road
But I got lost a time or two
Wiped my brow and kept pushing through
I couldn’t see how every sign pointed straight to you

Hair dye, laser hair removal.

On the Ninth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me… a pair of binoculars. Our present day situations, especially when they aren’t going the way we’d like them to, can be quite disturbing. Take my present day situation. As clichest as this sounds, sometimes I feel like I’m always running behind because there’s so much on my TO DO list that just looking at it overwhelms me and like a little kid trying to hurry up and get his food down so he can go outside and play, I’m cramming things in. My Ninth day is late, not because I didn’t do it, but because I didn’t have enough time, or rather I didn’t allow enough time to post it. This is no huge mark on the TO DO list of life but for a perfectionist like me, it’s a HUGE deal. I don’t mind so much the slow process (microwaving is not really my thing) but it as to be RIGHT. You can imagine the havoc this wreaks on my ADD, something not yet accomplished (can you hear my heart racing?), the bigger picture not really coming into focus for me and yes, a mini-nervous breakdown may just follow. As a perfectionist, it’s hard to grasp that what lies before you is just temporary and something bigger is just around the corner, but you just have to wait and work with what you have now. (Heavy sigh) This is one character quirk that I could do without but then I guess I wouldn’t really be me. Like blurry vision after eye dilation, lingering gas from anesthesia or bad breath after eating Spicy Doritos; uncomfortable situations and circumstances are only temporary. Now, if we could only say the same for hair color.