One for you and one for me. Two for you and two for me.

On the Fourth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me… a good measure, pressed down, shaken together and overflowing. Tis the season to be jolly. A time to give and receive but with more giving than receiving and I’m not talking about standing in Black Friday lines type of giving either. Say the word give and people automatically put a kung-fu claw over their wallets (Protected by Viper, stand back). Everywhere you turn there is somebody asking for something. Can’t pull up to a stoplight or intersection without Brother can you spare a dime knocking on the window. People are stingy by nature, myself included. I DO NOT like to share. What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is yours (or mine if you know me ). Most people are stingy with their money, money I can recoup, but my time, well just call be Ebenezer. Time, unlike money, can’t be replenished. When it’s gone, it’s gone and Lord help if you’ve wasted any. The saying goes, you can’t out-give God and while that is true, you can most certainly try, because even when you fall short, because you will, God loves a cheerful giver. The next time Oliver Twist, Annie, or the Pop Warner Football/Cheerleading teams come a knocking for alms, see if they’ll take a smile, a kind word, a hug, or a listening ear. The reception won’t be any where near as accepting because there was no money involved. You don’t need to be wealthy to possess a giving heart. Don’t give to get, just give. For when you give, you WILL get! I’m a giver, tried to deny it, run from it but just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. I feel great when I give, like now. I’m giving of myself through the writing of this blog, by way of my time and talent. You are receiving my whit and charm, through the reading of this blog, by way of your time. I gave, you gave, we both got (is that proper English—geesh). My life and everything in it stays fulmpty because I’m always giving, so I need to make sure I have room for my getting. To quote the departed Rick James… Give it to me baby. Shalom.

Lend me, Gimme, CanIgetauhh?

I was in church yesterday and a song prompted me to write this moment.

I’m through fooling around with you.  I don’t have time for you. Have you ever said those words to someone who you may have been trying to help and all you were getting in return was more of the same BULL? Dale Carnegie says to expect ingratitude and while that is true, how long must you put up with ingratitude? After a while, the light bulb will go off and it will go something like this, “you know what, I’m sick of you” or something to that effect. That is our Popeye moment – we’ve had all we can stand, can’t stand no more! And so we are done.  If someone asks you about SuchandSuch, you’d probably say, I don’t fool with them like that anymore, why, because they got greedy.  I’m greedy. Not in the traditional sense, but I’m greedy for knowledge and wisdom from God. Yeah, I want things as well and He encourages us to ask, but what if God said, I’m through fooling around with you? We’d be in a world of hurt.  But would you be upset?  Think about it, if God said WHEN, would you be ok with it?  I had to stop and think hard about that thing. When you take inventory of your life and all the stuff in it, where you’ve been and how far you’ve come, has He done enough for you?  The song went, If the Lord never does anything else for me, He’s done enough. That is a powerful statement. We’ve all been in situations where someone has been such a huge help that we say can’t thank them enough and send them home with a “you’ve done enough” hug of appreciation.

God has done more than enough and He keeps on doing. Us humans aren’t like that. If someone stops doing for us, we may get upset and think they are not as nice or caring  as they used to be, all because they stopped doing. Our measure of love is associated with how much a person does for us. The more you do, the greater your love for me.  Well, how befitting that this is the season where you were given the best gift long before you knew you were loved.  December should be like that old Heinz commercial – Anticipation, is making me wait.  Waiting with childlike excitement and anticipation to receive our gift.  Maybe we need to have a national Don’t Ask Day, a day where we go 1 day without asking anything of God and instead, give to him. Give thanks, our time, ourselves to Him because after all, hasn’t He done enough?

Always find time… To Relax.  Get Comfortable. Get Mended.