Day 10 – The Highest Mountain

In his reflection, Fr. Robert Barron notes “ For when we give glory to G-d in the highest, we rightly order all our desires: we love G-d first and then all other things for the sake of G-d.” Since this is Christmas time, this is the only time when TV airs A Christmas Carol, I’m talking the original BW movie or even the one with G.C. Scott.

The scene that comes to mind in reference to Fr. Barron’s note is the scene where the Cratchit family is gathered round the table and about to make a toast when Bob proposes a toast to the founder of their feast, Mr. Scrooge. There is bemoaning and disgusted outcry at this request but it is Mrs. Cratchit who, in a round about way, gives glory to G-d in the highest. She says, “I’ll drink his health for your sake and the Day’s”. Now I know, we’re supposed to “love thy neighbor” and in a twisted way, that is what she is doing. She’s “loving” Mr. Scrooge, not for his sake but for the sake of her husband and the Day’s and the day is Christmas, so, there you have it. Giving glory to G-d in the highest, at least that’s how I see it. Often we do this without realizing it. What you do or give someone may not be for their benefit or on their behalf but you may do it out of love – or a great deal of like – for someone else who is connected to that person.

Everything has a source, does it not? The food that was prepared, was bought from a store, paid for with money, money earned for work performed, money paid by employer, money obtained by employer through (insert means), (insert means) provided by (insert source) and it goes on and on. Whatever you have, whatever you have received, whatever you give away came from somewhere; it has a source. It’s no coincidence that the old dowsing rods were often Y shaped. You have to be open to be able to receive.

Why, why why

Can’t we get it right

Just can’t get it right…MJB

Simon Says Mother May I?

Ability or Permission, that is the question: Senior level employees are often like parents, I know we are my place of employment. We never let a learning opportunity pass us by. I take great pleasure when my employees ask if they can do something. The most popular ones are – Can I leave early? Can I have these days off? Often we get complaints because they feel they are being mistreated because they feel their request has fallen on deaf ears and thus the lesson begins. One lesson I learned early from my Gert (my grandmother) is that you (#1) don’t give answers to statements. Example, and one I hear often at work, “Roku offered to give me a ride home.” In the past, my leads would get all upset and start answering the implied, yet unasked question veiled in this statement. While it is nice that Roku has offered them a ride home, they haven’t asked anything, have they? So, since no question was asked, no answer need be given. Seems a bit harsh I know.
Many of them will say, I thought they knew what I meant (lesson #2) no one knows what you meant unless you either explain it to them or they tell you they understand what you’re trying to say. If you want something, ask for it. So, stating Roku offered to give you a ride home will elicit the following response – Ok, Great, That’s nice. Yeah, yeah, I know, seems a bit tricky but the truth and fact of the matter is, no question was asked. So, once this lesson is learned, the harder lesson comes into play. Can I leave early? Can equals ability. May equals permission. May I leave early, is what needs to be said. In my line of work, proper English lessons aren’t a requirement but knowing the difference makes the employee more responsible for their actions. Not being smart, just getting them to say what they mean and ask for what they want, period. Having the ability to do something and having permission to do something are apples and steaks; 2 completely different things. My point is, when we ask for something, be it from God, employer, parents, friends, whomever, we need to be clear of our desires and not leave it up to their interpretation. Do you have a vision board? You know, that thing where you put your desires on display. Normally, the vision board is big and is noticed right away when someone walks into the room where it resides. God told Habakkuk – Write this.
“Write what you see. Write it out in big block letters so that it can be read on the run.
This vision-message is a witness pointing to what’s coming. It aches for the coming—it can hardly wait! And it doesn’t lie. If it seems slow in coming, wait. It’s on its way. It will come right on time.” You have the Ability – Write it out and make it plain, and Permission – be specific and wait for it to come. Get excited about the arrival. God it slow but show(sure) You can’t get mad at God when he gives you what you asked for, when you didn’t give him any specifics. Makes me feel better about being so selective, persnickety, picky. God’s like Burger King. (If it’s in his will) you can have it your way! I asked God for some things, have them on my vision board. Some I’ve received already, others are in the queue. Regardless, I’m excitedly expecting to hear from Him. I wrote it in BIG RED LETTERS just like my grandma said.

Remember, Always find time…