Three Kings and Princess Lolita

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…
Now it’s time to say goodbye, to all our family. This was my first year celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas and I must say what a treat and honor it has been. I keep the Christmas spirit for the entire season. I did not get caught up in the retail hype and spend money I didn’t intend to spend but rather the gifts I purchased were thoughtful and often necessary. My birthday had more meaning this year because I never realized that the 12 Days of Christmas were real and that I was born during the 12 Days of Christmas. Tomorrow marks the Epiphany – where the visitation of the Magi (Three Kings Day) marks Christ’s divinity revealed to the Gentiles. I have given and received gifts, not only on Christmas Day but on days throughout the 12 Days of Christmas because the gift I received just keeps on giving. A high school friend of mine, Lolita is born on the 12 Day Christmas. How appropriate that her birth/revelation culminates on the day the world received the revelation of Christ. I know the majority of my words have something to do with God but make no mistake, I’m no religious nut, just a spiritual fruit – there is a difference. I recognize the wonder and beauty in everything around me and while creation is a wonderful thing, it doesn’t quite answer the question of where did I come from and how do those things happen. Driving down the street and looking up to see all the building and everyone maintaining solid footing on the Earth. How is that possible? Yeah, yeah, we all studied Sir Isaacs’ theory but HOW is it possible? Believers, non-believers and anyone else who falls in between, we are all dependent on whatever you believe or don’t believe because no matter how hard you try, you can’t pinpoint the exact reason for your existence or continued existence. Evolution is apart of life, it’s the creation part that has no answers. To be created, something has to already be there and where did that something come from. I no longer question, just accept each day that I’m privileged to be here. I’m grateful for the sun’s apparent rising in the East (you do know the Sun doesn’t actually rise or set don’t you) because it marks the dawning of a new day, whether it was created or evolved doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re here to enjoy it, so just say Thanks and keep it moving.

Happy Birthday Lo!!

Me and you, us never part. Makidada. Me and you, us have one heart. Makidada.

On the Fifth Day of Christmas – My true love gave to me… Me. I was born today. I… am the magnificent. I am the magnificent with the sensational style and I can go on and on for like a mile a minute (Special Ed voice). Well, 2 score and 1 year ago, our Father, my mom and dad brought forth on this continent a new princess, conceived in sin, dedicated to God and endowed with the knowledge that I CAN DO… I’ve been sick, I’ve been tired, I’ve lived in plenty and I’ve lived in want (or so I thought). Through it all, I HAVE LIVED. Being born in December, during the week of Jesus’ birth and at the end of the year puts your entire life in perspective. I have, for lack of 2 days, lived an entire calendar year and it gives me an opportunity to be reborn, to recreate, by way of a birthday. Reduced to its lowest form, my birth date is 5 and the letter E is the fifth letter of the alphabet. Coincidence, I think not. December 30 is not promised to me, so here’s to today, my day. Here’s to God’s marvelous workmanship; 5’5” with (dark) brown eyes, smile like the sunrise, fearfully and wonderfully made! Hail and blessed be the hour and moment in which this Child of God was born, around 5:30pm, in Virginia, in piercing cold. I… am the magnificent!