HMG Talent: Moosh Millionz

Moosh Millionz:  Mr. WriteNow

Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Stellar Award Winner

Moosh Millionz

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NEW MUSIC!!!  For the special lady in your life, if you have one, I know you’ve said this a time or two.


VA is for Lovers.  I’m Jus’ Sayin’ is for the lovers in you.  The lover you were, the lover you are and the lover you are striving to become.  


Debut Album – I’m Jus’ Sayin’  March 2015

  featuring the hit single Lil Bit Mo 

 Want a lil taste?  Preview the album then order your copy.  Let me know your favorite and what love means to you!

I’m Jus’ Sayin’

Moosh Millionz:  Featured Artist, Writer and/or Producer



8 thoughts on “HMG Talent: Moosh Millionz

  1. Finally!! I’m so proud of you Moosh. My favorite is I’m just saying & Because of You!!! I love the entire cd which is rare with albums today I hate paying $12.99 for one song on a album. This is a throwback to late 80’s & 90’s rnb music my favorite era. I hear a little Jodeci, Carl Thomas, Joe, etc.. Music with a message and Meaning. Can’t wait to get mine!!

  2. Yess!! A true throwback. Something I can relate to. When I listen to “I’m jus’ sayin” it reminds me of the “Love Era”, something you don’t get nowadays. Cuzzo you did your thing! Im so proud of of Moosh, I love the entire CD.

  3. Love this albums authenticity which is so rare to hear in R & B these days! Very relatable and relevant topics, well written lyrics, amazing vocals and passionate execution! You don’t find many albums you play all the way through! Can’t stop listening to “doing just fine ft Rae… we need an encore Moosh!Give us more #lovedit

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