Ephesians 5:28-29

I saw this on the opening credits of a Netflix film and had to share as it made me think of the book listed underneath.

“Each gifted man needs a gifted woman to help him to fulfill his objective, destiny and purpose in life. The male and the female should be of one mind in doing the work of God.” -Anonymous

Women are Kingmakers” – Wellington Boone

Guess now you know why it’s called Kingdom building.  Sadly, some women don’t know how to make kings and even sadder is some men don’t want to be kings.  The book I referenced is a quick read but it is so powerful that you might not be ready for it.  I wasn’t. Got to a certain point and papa’ and I were having a conversation and I had to put the book down.  Wasn’t ready for that part yet. See, if you know how to make a king, you can’t force the king to take the throne and far too many men abdicate the throne then get mad at the king for the rules they lay down.  Or, worse yet, the kingmaker is forced to play the role of king.  Sure, we are all kings in our own right but everything has a hierarchy.  Call it old fashion but a man is the head of the house.  A man’s home is his castle and castles have kings.  Kings take advice and counsel from the queen.  To have a happy castle the queen cannot take the role of king while the king is still able to rule.  There will be conflict.  To be king you have to want to be king.  Being king is a huge responsibility but with the right queen at your side your land will live in peace and harmony.

What I’ve come to understand is that the bible is one big puzzle that you have to link together.  28: “So husbands ought also to love their own wives as their own bodies. He who loves his own wife loves himself; 29: For no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, just as Christ also does the church,…”  When you add on “bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh” the puzzle starts to take shape.

If you let that steep in your mind and soul for a few: loving your wife as your own body.  In today’s society, some of us love ourselves so much we have no room for others because we love our body so much that that is all we show you.  NO hate or shade, I’m just point out the obvious.  If you’re a married man, ask yourself, “Do I love my wife like I love myself?”

I AM a kingmaker or at least I try to be.  Every woman’s king making skills are different but the common goal is the same.  If you’re a man, ask yourself, ‘Do I want to be a king?”  I use lowercase king because Jesus is the King of kings.  Who did you think he was referring to?

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What ails ya?

I wanna be, I wanna be like…

Can we talk? (Joan River’s voice). Let’s be honest, or at least, let me be honest. Nothing irritates you more than to see someone moving along doing something that you’ve been doing for years. True, jealousy and envy have no place in the Spirit but we build mansions for it in the flesh and sometimes, it’s a good thing – in moderation of course. I’m not competitive, I’ve always believed that whatever you want, the Spirit provides more than enough for everyone to have a go at it. No, what I think is wrong or off balance with me is that I’m spatially challenged. I know how to get to places but I pay no attention to street names, number of turns, none of that, I just go because I know. WHY OH WHY can’t life be that way. I absolutely know where I want to go, getting there seems so completely foreign to me, like those instructions from IKEA (love love love that store!!!)

I’m open, haven’t always been, not because I didn’t want to but because our culture, at times can be so oppressive, so dismissive that you question whether or not you really want to go where you want to go. I do this because the Spirit asks for it and I’m not even sure what that really means. My dad and godmother are prone to messages from the Spirit and yes, I covet that gift. Oh, the Spirit and I, his name is Rheman, have conversations all the time but He’s so quiet, frustratingly quiet. He gets a kick out of me and I’m happy to oblige. I’m like a 3 y/o with him; I ask lots of questions and if I were 3, you’d call me precocious. As an adult, you’ll probably call me annoying, crazy, whatever – not that I care. I’m a kid and kids have questions and I expect answers. Problem arises in that the adult, that is me, wants them now, microwave 30 sec button now. The majority of the time Rheman just nods his head and keeps it moving.

What do I wanna be? Better. Better than I was yesterday when I whined the entire time while getting my run in (you do know I dislike running right?). Better than I was last week when severe disappointment tried to squat in my head and heart. Better than I was last month when I allowed procrastination to move in and push off all the work that needed to be done. Better. Not better than you (although I may be cooler – you know the song 🙂 just better and better requires work. That work often requires assistance from others. I read a commencement speech from a Texas Alum who is a retired Navy Seal and he talked about rowing a boat and finding people who can help you row. The problem in that is that even if you provide the boat, snacks, life-jacket, everything; it’s been my experience that it is still difficult to find those like-minded people to help you row. That’s been my experience of late, so I’ve decided to dock my boat elsewhere. If you see me sailing by and don’t mind rowing, feel free to wave me ashore. I can’t promise you smooth sailing, but what I can promise you is that I will never stop rowing. If you decide to stop rowing, I will row for you for a little while but then I may throw you overboard for being lazy.

Remember the commercial: I wanna be, I wanna be like Mike (Jordan that is). I never wanted to b like Mike, well maybe the rich part, but I’ve always just wanted to be me. Now, I still want to be me, just better. Don’t you want me to be better? I certainly want you to be better, because a better you is good for me. 🙂 What ails you?

Bloggers, Rhyme Spitters, Pen-grippers – lend me your eyes?

Since our speech is a reflection of what is going on inside us, as writers, our written word is our speech, so what is going on inside of us? Some innards I read are awesome, and I’m not easily impressed, not that you care, but the old saying of the first line or paragraph grabbing you indicates if you’ll keep reading – that is true for me. I read a piece the other day and it was McDonald’s! When that was written, what was going on inside them? If our “speech” can be checked for clues to our strengths and weaknesses, can a writer be banned for using HGH? If while in this world (and not of it!) the idea is to grow as a human, then a little HGH shouldn’t hurt, right? To grow one needs patience and patience isn’t something some of us have an abundance of, at least I don’t, or didn’t (it’s much better now). Funny thing is, as a writer, I believe we are quite patient. Writing takes time and we do not harvest until the crop is just right. Sentence structure, punctuation, grammar; forming the perfect sentence or paragraph can be a daunting task. Some writers throw everything down and sort it out later. Others are more meticulous; sorting and writing as they go. What does that say about them? I once heard a famous writer say that any writer worth their salt has 2 or more projects going at one time. For me, nothing could be truer, but I now know that it is because having the creative mind that I do, I am unable to be sustained by the mere thought or presence of just 1. 1 – so isolating and yet so strong, for we can only create our masterpieces 1 word at a time. My thoughts are like my breath – constant and unconsciencnable and so as they flow out they must go to the sea on tranquility to rest until called upon to serve. Like souffles, they cannot be disturbed.

My mind is a thrift store; full of new, used, neused, wanted, discarded, wounded, brokenhearted, forgiven, graced, immaculate, unchaste, overflowing, undernourished, disparate, identical, singular, plural, disavowed, disgusted and highly regarded -ings and -isms waiting to be sifted, sorted, shuffled and supported by this thing we call patience.

Thrift store motto is: Miss a day, miss a deal. My mind is a thrift store, if I miss a day of writing, what does that say about me?
and BTW, do you know how much patience it takes to shop in the thrift?. IJS.