Your reputation precedes you

Someone I know, our relationship is more than any “ship”I would ever hope to define and Webster doesn’t even come close.  She’s my “baby mama” or one of them but don’t even try to figure that out, lol.

Well, anywho, my buddy became unemployed; not fired but contract ended and thus began her journey through Whyville.  She was’t sad but I noted a bit of discouragement, particularly after an interview did not go as She had planned.  Having passed through Whyville a few times, I listened and offered her an umbrella that had recently been handed to me.

I was Netflix(ing) and chilling (not in the new age sense, I suppose) and I came across #deathtoselfie.  The title alone, compelled me to push select and thus the handing of the umbrella commenced.

I watched #deathtoselfie onNetflix but did anything but chill.  I so enjoyed this sermon because for the first time, I had an answer to a question that I’d long posed aloud to Abba…what did it mean when biblical scholars wrote and God said “I AM the God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob.” Well, Pastor Furtick surely was a light unto my path this day because I had such an A-HAAA moment that I chuckle now,  Pastor Furtick broke it down and as I interpreted it, when God was using this to get people to see ALL the sides of him and the way he can do and will do things and the types of people he covers based on the characteristics and actions of these 3 men.  When I emerged from my prayer closet, after having watched and listening to Pastor Furtick, I realized that not only is he the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, he is the God of me.  Now, I’m not too clear on Isaac but I get Abraham and thanks to Pastor Furtick, I got Jacob.

I thought about my friend and myself and our respective situations and was so excited for myself when I realized and received the message from Pastor Furtick.  Now, I’d always known that God doesn’t specialize in perfect people but there was/is something about this explanation that resonated with me.  The God of Jacob…the God of liars, cheats, thieves.  The God of the disappointed, lost, etc. you get the drift and when I got it, I felt the umbrella (covering) open up.  See, if you want to know how good something is, it’s all about word of mouth.  You have to get the right person (marketing) to make yourself known to the masses.

I’m still excited about this new discovery and sent my friend a text to let her know that not just God, but the God of Jacob was and is with her.  I have several names I call her but she knows who she is, you, may call her Jacob.

Love you TeeHee!!

What ails ya!!



“Big” lil brother

There’s something to be said about looking “up” to younger siblings. I’m a coconut so they know it ain’t easy to impress (get through to) me but my #2 and #3 baby brothers are putting in the work.

My #1BB – Moosh Millionz is the most like me – creatively, so he’s like me, not easily impressed but every now and again, he gets a head nod from Big Sis!

My #2BB – M. Majid did me proud Tuesday. He got his marketing swagger ON.  Dude was as charismatic as Bill Clinton and as engaging as Tony Robbins.  He worked the room like a pro and it was his first time at the rodeo.  I think he’s stepping into his own and I’m honored to assist him in becoming a better winner.

My #3BB – J. Isaiah, is more like my kid, really. He continues to amaze and inspire me. He’s my future, future.  He enlightened me today and while I know he looks up to me, perhaps they all do, what he said struck me in such a way that Rheem(an) compelled me to write about it.

Getting my Jim Harbaugh mentality on: The Power of Exclusion. “Winners have the right to get better. The winners have the right to condition more, to be better [football players] and the losers have to go to the side. They go over there and stand [and watch the winners get better]. Winners keep playing. Winners advance to the next round, the next opportunity.” Jim Harbaugh  Some people just don’t want to get better. Some people just don’t want it and that is completely ok…for them. The Word says ” Those who have ears, let them hear” well, everybody who has ears can’t hear but if you have ears and can hear and/or refuse to hear, well, stop asking people “What’d they say?“!  Do us (winners) a favor – Get out of the way! Go stand over there, on the side and watch us (winners) get better (by putting in more work).  Even with putting in more work, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be a winner because there will always be someone smarter, faster, better, period.  It’s the drive and desire to be better that gives you the upper hand. I’m no football player but I have a pretty good stiffarm.  #allIdoiswin

A girl needs to be surrounded by good men.  I’ve got 3 of the best and even though they won’t tell you, I’m their favorite!  #gamessiblingsplay


Little Golden Book

Over the weekend I attended a networking event and I must say, it was a drive and time well spent, given that I had not attended such an event in quite a while, it was long overdue. I encountered a quote/tweet/FB post from that event that reminded me of a story. The message was this…Don’t beg for support. Marinate on that for a minute, if you will. Don’t beg for support. 4 little words, so powerful. Reminded me of a story…The Little Red Hen.

The Little Red Hen is the story of a hen on a farm who finds some wheat grains and asks for help to plant, mill, tend, harvest, bake and ultimately eat the wheat/bread. The cat, dog and duck all empathically decline to assist Little Red Hen… “Not I” they each replied when she asked “Who will help me?”. It is not until all the work has been done and the result is a nice hot loaf of fresh, organic wheat bread, that the cat, dog and duck go from negative to positive, with an “I will.” To their surprise, Little Red Hen gives them the business and eats all the bread herself. Moral of the story…those who show no willingness to contribute to a product do not deserve to enjoy the product. Now, that moral is stretching it a bit because we all aren’t really able to contribute to all the products we like, which is why we pay for them but the point is, Little Red Hen was begging for support and it wasn’t until the very end, when all the hard work had been finished that others were willing to help her. Come to think of it, I think Little Red Hen was the original Keith Sweat 🙂

We were created to be supportive; a help meet/mate but somewhere in the industrial millenia, being supportive became de classe, taboo for some reason. When we see a person doing well, why shouldn’t we offer to spread the word, lend a hand or do whatever we can in support of that person, if it is within you to do so? What is to be lost by you telling a friend about the good works of another? Are we so prideful and envious that we cannot be bothered to part our lips to enlighten someone about the goings on of an up and coming friend?

Things blow up, become successful, shoot off the charts based on one thing… word of mouth. Somebody either bought it or had it given to them, liked it and either told someone else or that someone else saw it and wanted to have it and thus the cycle of success begins and continues. Women of all sizes couldn’t stop talking about Spanx and look at Sarah Blakely now. Imagine if no one ever said anything about the magic body enhancers, where would she be today? We all need support, in some form or another, it doesn’t cost you anything to tell someone about what someone else is doing. Are you jealous because you aren’t doing it? Well, maybe you were meant to do something else. Who knows, the person you tell might be interested and that could lead to another mutually beneficial relationship. Poor Little Red Hen, she was begging for help days on end with that wheat but in the end, her revenge was sweet or at least hot and fresh. At times I’ve found myself donning my Little Red Hen cape, looking with Pound Puppy eyes for others to support me by telling a friend but alas, like Little Red Hen, I was greeted with “Not I” albeit silent/lack of action responses.

Who will help me? Is there not a one? Judging from that quote/tweet/FB post, apparently there IS not a one. Sad, because success, like food, is best when shared.

Who wants more bread?

I wanna be, I wanna be like…

Can we talk? (Joan River’s voice). Let’s be honest, or at least, let me be honest. Nothing irritates you more than to see someone moving along doing something that you’ve been doing for years. True, jealousy and envy have no place in the Spirit but we build mansions for it in the flesh and sometimes, it’s a good thing – in moderation of course. I’m not competitive, I’ve always believed that whatever you want, the Spirit provides more than enough for everyone to have a go at it. No, what I think is wrong or off balance with me is that I’m spatially challenged. I know how to get to places but I pay no attention to street names, number of turns, none of that, I just go because I know. WHY OH WHY can’t life be that way. I absolutely know where I want to go, getting there seems so completely foreign to me, like those instructions from IKEA (love love love that store!!!)

I’m open, haven’t always been, not because I didn’t want to but because our culture, at times can be so oppressive, so dismissive that you question whether or not you really want to go where you want to go. I do this because the Spirit asks for it and I’m not even sure what that really means. My dad and godmother are prone to messages from the Spirit and yes, I covet that gift. Oh, the Spirit and I, his name is Rheman, have conversations all the time but He’s so quiet, frustratingly quiet. He gets a kick out of me and I’m happy to oblige. I’m like a 3 y/o with him; I ask lots of questions and if I were 3, you’d call me precocious. As an adult, you’ll probably call me annoying, crazy, whatever – not that I care. I’m a kid and kids have questions and I expect answers. Problem arises in that the adult, that is me, wants them now, microwave 30 sec button now. The majority of the time Rheman just nods his head and keeps it moving.

What do I wanna be? Better. Better than I was yesterday when I whined the entire time while getting my run in (you do know I dislike running right?). Better than I was last week when severe disappointment tried to squat in my head and heart. Better than I was last month when I allowed procrastination to move in and push off all the work that needed to be done. Better. Not better than you (although I may be cooler – you know the song 🙂 just better and better requires work. That work often requires assistance from others. I read a commencement speech from a Texas Alum who is a retired Navy Seal and he talked about rowing a boat and finding people who can help you row. The problem in that is that even if you provide the boat, snacks, life-jacket, everything; it’s been my experience that it is still difficult to find those like-minded people to help you row. That’s been my experience of late, so I’ve decided to dock my boat elsewhere. If you see me sailing by and don’t mind rowing, feel free to wave me ashore. I can’t promise you smooth sailing, but what I can promise you is that I will never stop rowing. If you decide to stop rowing, I will row for you for a little while but then I may throw you overboard for being lazy.

Remember the commercial: I wanna be, I wanna be like Mike (Jordan that is). I never wanted to b like Mike, well maybe the rich part, but I’ve always just wanted to be me. Now, I still want to be me, just better. Don’t you want me to be better? I certainly want you to be better, because a better you is good for me. 🙂 What ails you?

Now we’re talking and cooking with gas

No, I haven’t neglected you and I hope your thread isn’t unraveling. For Lent, I’ve given up some things and scaled back on others, my writing doesn’t fall into either category (my notebooks are full) but my posting/online time has been scaled back, so forgive this noble scribe, at least until Holy Saturday (after Good Friday).

Don’t know if you’ve ever read The 5 Love Languages but, I’ve always known/felt that if you aren’t being loved the way you want to then you aren’t really being loved. I remember a woman once told me that just because someone doesn’t love you the way you want them to, doesn’t mean they don’t love you. I disagreed then and disagree now. Yeah, it kinda does mean they don’t love you because loving, whether romantic or platonic (our friendships) is a choice and if the way you choose to love someone isn’t acceptable to them, then, sorry, that ain’t love. My friendships are important because I don’t like too many folk, so my heart friends, know, at least they should know, my love language. Those who don’t, well, don’t be surprised to find yourself “poppin tags” on something you bought, that was given to me by you.

Love, like working (unless you hit the lotto), clothing, food, hair, etc., is a choice. How and who you love is so much of a choice that some of us prefer to love at Golden Coral instead of Ruth Chris. Aside from family, if someone is in your life, they are there by some choice you made. If they are important to you, make the choice to love them the way they want to be loved. If you don’t know, find out. Don’t know how, try asking. You’d be surprised what can be accomplished when we open our mouths for something besides complaining, eating and talking trash.

Like ideals and morals, everybody wants everybody else to love the way they do (i.e., the right way – to them) and for the life of me, I cannot understand why people can’t or won’t grasp the fact that what you eat don’t make me shhhh.

Aside from waking up (that is not our conscious choice), life is about choices. If you choose to love someone, love them their way and not yours, or yes, it is the highway.