The Spirit of Liberty

I wrote this to fulfill the requirement of my application essay. Had never heard of this Justice or this speech but I must say, it did get my Medulla Oblongota racing. Give a listen/read…

Judge Learned Hand dispenses broad generalizations and takes liberties with labeling America’s people as adopted. I wonder if he was inspired by fellow officer of the court Francis Scott Key when he decided to address a crowd with such prophetic yet exclusionary words. He remarks that “some of us have chosen America as the land of our adoption.” He made these remarks in 1944, years before anything remotely resembling Liberty would come the way of the Negro, Colored, Black, Afro-American, African American or whatever label the Spirit of America decides to cast upon.

Chosen implies that the participating party was given an option, multiple choice selections of where they wanted to spend their days. How egregiously presumptuous of him to think that people who were forced into hard manual labor, held against their will and deprived of their right to leave as well as those soon to be precious “unalienable rights” would somehow “adopt” the very land where the Spirit of Liberty has never nor will ever exist. From slavery to reconstruction to Jim Crow to Civil Rights, we have witnessed the Spirit of Liberty at various levels by those who profess to uphold constitutions and laws, administering it all in the courts. The Negro, Colored, Black, Afro-American, African American has witnessed this very Spirit of Liberty in “a society in which men recognized no check upon their freedom… and freedom is the possession of only a savage few.” I’m quite certain that on that proud “I AM an American Day” amongst the thousands of people who gathered in that park, there were those who felt excluded, abandoned, deprived and emasculated by the very adoptive/foster parents and siblings before them. Where was Liberty and how deep was it buried in their hearts to allow such hate, vile and discontent to be tolerated? How laughable it is that while he may have been considered a defender of civil liberties that he could so callously think to group people into two categories; Some and Rest. “Some of us have chosen America… the Rest have come from those of use who did the same.” America is a melting pot and Most of those here are so by choice to exercise their God fearing belief, escape religious persecution or seeking a better way of life. Some have come from those who did the same. The Rest, well that’s debatable because who back then, considered the Rest?

I disagree with his notion that we should not “rest our hopes too much upon constitutions, upon laws, and upon courts” because the foundation upon which those things are built lies deep within men and women. Men and women who are fallible, opinionated and biased; believing in nothing and something. Men and women who toil away day after day to make sure that some, most, all of America’s adopted and foster children feel the same Spirit of Liberty as her birth (read… indigenous) children. But then again, her birth children would disagree, but as the old saying goes, there’s nothing like family. To say that “Liberty lies within the heart” alludes to the notion that it is a divine right, innately bestowed by the Creator. If that is true, then the question begs to be asked; if Christ died for our sins, to give us in fact, Liberty. Judging by today’s society, was it Fairness and Justice that hung beside him?

Bloggers, Rhyme Spitters, Pen-grippers – lend me your eyes?

Since our speech is a reflection of what is going on inside us, as writers, our written word is our speech, so what is going on inside of us? Some innards I read are awesome, and I’m not easily impressed, not that you care, but the old saying of the first line or paragraph grabbing you indicates if you’ll keep reading – that is true for me. I read a piece the other day and it was McDonald’s! When that was written, what was going on inside them? If our “speech” can be checked for clues to our strengths and weaknesses, can a writer be banned for using HGH? If while in this world (and not of it!) the idea is to grow as a human, then a little HGH shouldn’t hurt, right? To grow one needs patience and patience isn’t something some of us have an abundance of, at least I don’t, or didn’t (it’s much better now). Funny thing is, as a writer, I believe we are quite patient. Writing takes time and we do not harvest until the crop is just right. Sentence structure, punctuation, grammar; forming the perfect sentence or paragraph can be a daunting task. Some writers throw everything down and sort it out later. Others are more meticulous; sorting and writing as they go. What does that say about them? I once heard a famous writer say that any writer worth their salt has 2 or more projects going at one time. For me, nothing could be truer, but I now know that it is because having the creative mind that I do, I am unable to be sustained by the mere thought or presence of just 1. 1 – so isolating and yet so strong, for we can only create our masterpieces 1 word at a time. My thoughts are like my breath – constant and unconsciencnable and so as they flow out they must go to the sea on tranquility to rest until called upon to serve. Like souffles, they cannot be disturbed.

My mind is a thrift store; full of new, used, neused, wanted, discarded, wounded, brokenhearted, forgiven, graced, immaculate, unchaste, overflowing, undernourished, disparate, identical, singular, plural, disavowed, disgusted and highly regarded -ings and -isms waiting to be sifted, sorted, shuffled and supported by this thing we call patience.

Thrift store motto is: Miss a day, miss a deal. My mind is a thrift store, if I miss a day of writing, what does that say about me?
and BTW, do you know how much patience it takes to shop in the thrift?. IJS.