You sure do ask a lot of questions

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook.  I’m getting more comfortable with it but in the beginning, I was utterly resistant to it.  I’ve come to see it for what it is, a communication tool, TV reinvented – the new face of news reporting complete with commercials and infomercials, and like Playboy, it’s read for the articles.

So, one day, while watching “TV”, I came across this “sitcom” titled “Break Time w/Michael Jr.” and it’s about a stand-up comedian who, in the middle of his comedy routine, takes a break to interact with his audience.  It was episode 5 – “Amazing Grace” that prompted me to the show to my favorites.  In this episode, Micheal Jr. asks an audience member his occupation (music teacher (i believe)) and asks him to sing Amazing Grace.  The gentleman complies and does a very nice rendition.  After the round of applause, Michael Jr. then instructs the gentleman to sing Amazing Grace as if he’s singing it for one of his homies based on a scenario I cannot recollect right now.  In his second rendition, clearly, the gentleman is tapping into the very essence of “why” he is singing because people are breaking into applause and standing up waving their hands and yes, he brought cherch up in that auditorium.  Michael Jr. then remarked that when you figure out why you’re doing what you’re doing, it takes on a whole new meaning.

Growing up as an only, my “whys” were always encouraged.  Asking questions is the only way we learn.  It is how we educate ourselves and elevate ourselves from the murky levels of ignorance.  Today, and I’m sure some of us may have encountered this in our lives at least once before, we often hear children being told – “stop asking so many questions.”  I recall a “regular TV commercial” where a little girl is engaged in a conversation with an adult and for every answer the adult gives, she responds with “why.”  Now, I cannot recall the ending but that part has always stuck with me.  For me, why is the motive and motive is often given a bad name but it’s just another name for purpose.

When we understand “why”, we are better able to fulfill the “what” within the “why”.  In fulfilling the what, we often derive greater joy through the why and thus elevate ourselves out of ignorance.

Each time I take pen to paper, fingers to keys, voice to recorder, I often ask myself, why exactly and I doing this and no sooner as I’ve finished the last letter, the answer reveals itself.  It’s what I was born to do.

During this Advent Season, find your why.

What ails ya.

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