Because of you

September has been designated National Suicide Prevention Month.  It is my opinion  that every month is suicide awareness because the issues and circumstances that drive some to contemplate and complete suicide remain well beyond the glare of the national spotlight.

“There were times, no one was around, no love to be found, my life was upside down.  And there were times, I didn’t have one friend, I could not fit in, was in so much pain and suffering.”

Often, these are just some of the thoughts and feelings experienced by any human, but they are more profoundly felt by those who see no way past these issues and circumstances.

There is someone that is always there, who that person is for you may vary but G-d is always there. He may be quiet, aloof and any other distant human quality we wish to assign to him but absent is not one of them.  Someone is there, someone is always there and if you can be brave enough to just look up and out and reach, that someone may be able to help you save yourself.

“Because of you, I am so much better.  Because of you, I am so much wiser.

Because of you, I’m stronger than ever.  Because of you, I won’t give up never.”

Because of You – from I’m Jus’ Sayin’, the debut album by Moosh Millionz

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