Ivy Rose through the potholes

Race Recap!

Greetings sports fans.  This past Sunday the L-rd saw fit to allow me and few hundred of his most perfect creations compete in the Ramblin Rose-Raleigh Triathlon.  I was so excited because the day before I spend a sweltering 4-hours in the pool at a TI swim clinic, desperately trying to improve my stroke and prepare me for OWS.  I love the clinic, coach Brian and Dinah were awesome.

Sunday/Race Day and I was as ready as ever.  I always race solo, not by choice but my local circle of support does not race so I’m left to make race-day buddies.  This race let you do your swim start selection the day of and I chose 6 – I was feeling pretty confident but didn’t want to go all Kanye, so 6 felt right.  As I made my way to the back of the line – yep, I was in no rush and I wanted to put my new swim skills in action, I met the nicest women.  We chatted like old buds and agreed to stay connected via FB.

My swim went great but of course, forgot to start my Garmin – ugh, so there goes my real time because the run from the swim to T1 was what seemed like a 1/4 mile run.  It’s not much but barefoot and on concrete, well, my toes are sensitive.  Even with all my primping, I still got out in around 2 mins and was off on the bike.  I was feeling pretty, pretty, pretty good (Larry David voice) until the hills.  See, here in VA we don’t have many hills, at least not in the 757 and yes, it showed.  I’d been experiencing left-quad pain for a few weeks now but it would come and go so frequently that I never addressed it.  Needless to say, the 2 y/o inside my quad showed up at the steepest hill of the race.  It was something out of a viral video.  At first it was a small whine, then it started to flail and kick and then the dreaded scream, I HATE YOU erupted.  I had to dismount my bike and walk it up the hill.  I tried, I really did but if I wanted to finish, I had to cater to the 2 y/o and see what the issue was.  Once back on the bike, it settled down and got itself together and despite a few more, but slightly less steep hills, the 2 y/o was quite for the rest of the ride.  The ride was…interesting.  Never have I seen sooo many potholes.  Ramblin is right because going downhill at oh, say 25 mph with a slew of potholes is not my idea of fun but I made it, no worse for the course.

T2 was around 2 min as well and I forgot my hat 😦

The run was a 2 loop, finish line teaser but the next best part of the race was the aid station.  There was this one volunteer who made each runner feel like an absolute ROCK STAR, seriously.  It was exactly what I needed coming off that tantrum ride. I’ve never had so much fun running down the shoot and I was complimented on finishing the race in long sleeves (I have to have my jacket on for my sweat wipes).  I was happy but of course, there’s always something waiting to try and snatch the joy away.

People post so much it’s crazy and the posting can take away from an athletes ability to fully enjoy their race because the world gets to “see” what they experienced before the athlete does.  I was bummed about that because, you all know I’m pretty private about things but I wanted to enjoy my race and share what I wanted but alas, that too did pass and I got out of my feelings.

I didn’t get the names of my swimline friends but and never thought I’d say this but thank G-d for FB because I found them off a post someone else made.  It made my day to see them and reconnect with them.

This past weekend saw several #RealAthleticWomen bloom at the Ramblin Rose and yes, the smell of success was oh so sweet.

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