and just think, if I trained

Greetings sports fans.  Your favorite RAW athlete starred in the Elympics yesterday and set some major records.

Let me preface this by saying, I’ve gained weight and as a result, I’m a bit slower add that to the fact that I don’t really train/workout like I’m supposed to but that’s neither here nor there #sizemattersnot

The Smithfield Triathlon, part of the VTSMTS series was my first tri of the 2015 season and man, did I show up and OUT!  Since November, I’ve been focusing on the swim.  I know how to ride a bike and I know how to run.  I know how to swim but not as well as I need to or would like to so I set about work on my weakness.  I started my own swim club with the help of USMS and City of Norfolk Southside Aquatic Center and swim 3 days a week.  I took private lessons at ODU to build on what I was doing for myself which brings us to yesterday.

It was a beautiful picturesque day in Smithfield, VA and I was cool, calm, collected and cute.  The swim was a short pool swim, 300 meters but that’s a lot when you aren’t confident in your swim skills.  Not today, I had a plan and my plan worked.  If you’ve never done a pool sprint, it’s like the HRBT traffic at rush hour.  Lanes clogged with people trying to pass people who don’t want to be passed but I didn’t care, I had a plan and life and everything in the pool went according to it, that is until Drafting Dora decides to weigh me down.  Initially I was pissed, but then I realized, she thought I was that good, even mentioning to me “girl you are fast!”   I swam the swim leg, all of it.  No walking, to aqua jogging, no lane line climbing, none of that.  I swam.  Got out and had to kiss myself I felt so good.

After that, I didn’t give 2 shakes of each thigh about the rest of the race.  I got passed on the bike by my fellow swim buddy – didn’t even care.  I met my goal – swim the swim leg.  Turns out, I did more than that.  When all was said and done, I turned in a sub 2 finish.  My run was great, did better than I thought or was intending to do but again, all that is just roses on an iced cake.  I conquered the swim.  All total I did 13.29 miles in 1:58 and I didn’t even primp in transition but let’s not get crazy, just before the finish, I had to gloss my lips and wipe the sweat from my brow.  Race finish photos are EVERYTHING. I had PRs all over the place. Elympic GOLD or in this case, pink!!

I cannot tell you how happy I am with myself.  I worked on my weakness and it paid off big.  We all know I’m a slacker, if I actually trained like I did before, I mean, in all 3 disciplines, maaannnn the world couldn’t stand me.  Really, I’d be that person,  nah I’m kidding.  I’d be me, just better.  I still have my ultimate goal of doing a 70.3 and that requires OWS training so that’s next on the list but for now, I give all praise and glory to G-d for giving me enough focus to stick with this swim regimen, the physical strength to get it done and mental strength to go when I didn’t want to and re-start when I gave up.  I am FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY Made and yesterday I lived up to it.  Hello, my name is E.J. Powell and I am RAW.  This lil piggie went wee, wee, wee all the way to the finish line!
What ails ya?

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