and just think, if I trained

Greetings sports fans.  Your favorite RAW athlete starred in the Elympics yesterday and set some major records.

Let me preface this by saying, I’ve gained weight and as a result, I’m a bit slower add that to the fact that I don’t really train/workout like I’m supposed to but that’s neither here nor there #sizemattersnot

The Smithfield Triathlon, part of the VTSMTS series was my first tri of the 2015 season and man, did I show up and OUT!  Since November, I’ve been focusing on the swim.  I know how to ride a bike and I know how to run.  I know how to swim but not as well as I need to or would like to so I set about work on my weakness.  I started my own swim club with the help of USMS and City of Norfolk Southside Aquatic Center and swim 3 days a week.  I took private lessons at ODU to build on what I was doing for myself which brings us to yesterday.

It was a beautiful picturesque day in Smithfield, VA and I was cool, calm, collected and cute.  The swim was a short pool swim, 300 meters but that’s a lot when you aren’t confident in your swim skills.  Not today, I had a plan and my plan worked.  If you’ve never done a pool sprint, it’s like the HRBT traffic at rush hour.  Lanes clogged with people trying to pass people who don’t want to be passed but I didn’t care, I had a plan and life and everything in the pool went according to it, that is until Drafting Dora decides to weigh me down.  Initially I was pissed, but then I realized, she thought I was that good, even mentioning to me “girl you are fast!”   I swam the swim leg, all of it.  No walking, to aqua jogging, no lane line climbing, none of that.  I swam.  Got out and had to kiss myself I felt so good.

After that, I didn’t give 2 shakes of each thigh about the rest of the race.  I got passed on the bike by my fellow swim buddy – didn’t even care.  I met my goal – swim the swim leg.  Turns out, I did more than that.  When all was said and done, I turned in a sub 2 finish.  My run was great, did better than I thought or was intending to do but again, all that is just roses on an iced cake.  I conquered the swim.  All total I did 13.29 miles in 1:58 and I didn’t even primp in transition but let’s not get crazy, just before the finish, I had to gloss my lips and wipe the sweat from my brow.  Race finish photos are EVERYTHING. I had PRs all over the place. Elympic GOLD or in this case, pink!!

I cannot tell you how happy I am with myself.  I worked on my weakness and it paid off big.  We all know I’m a slacker, if I actually trained like I did before, I mean, in all 3 disciplines, maaannnn the world couldn’t stand me.  Really, I’d be that person,  nah I’m kidding.  I’d be me, just better.  I still have my ultimate goal of doing a 70.3 and that requires OWS training so that’s next on the list but for now, I give all praise and glory to G-d for giving me enough focus to stick with this swim regimen, the physical strength to get it done and mental strength to go when I didn’t want to and re-start when I gave up.  I am FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY Made and yesterday I lived up to it.  Hello, my name is E.J. Powell and I am RAW.  This lil piggie went wee, wee, wee all the way to the finish line!
What ails ya?

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“Big” lil brother

There’s something to be said about looking “up” to younger siblings. I’m a coconut so they know it ain’t easy to impress (get through to) me but my #2 and #3 baby brothers are putting in the work.

My #1BB – Moosh Millionz is the most like me – creatively, so he’s like me, not easily impressed but every now and again, he gets a head nod from Big Sis!

My #2BB – M. Majid did me proud Tuesday. He got his marketing swagger ON.  Dude was as charismatic as Bill Clinton and as engaging as Tony Robbins.  He worked the room like a pro and it was his first time at the rodeo.  I think he’s stepping into his own and I’m honored to assist him in becoming a better winner.

My #3BB – J. Isaiah, is more like my kid, really. He continues to amaze and inspire me. He’s my future, future.  He enlightened me today and while I know he looks up to me, perhaps they all do, what he said struck me in such a way that Rheem(an) compelled me to write about it.

Getting my Jim Harbaugh mentality on: The Power of Exclusion. “Winners have the right to get better. The winners have the right to condition more, to be better [football players] and the losers have to go to the side. They go over there and stand [and watch the winners get better]. Winners keep playing. Winners advance to the next round, the next opportunity.” Jim Harbaugh  Some people just don’t want to get better. Some people just don’t want it and that is completely ok…for them. The Word says ” Those who have ears, let them hear” well, everybody who has ears can’t hear but if you have ears and can hear and/or refuse to hear, well, stop asking people “What’d they say?“!  Do us (winners) a favor – Get out of the way! Go stand over there, on the side and watch us (winners) get better (by putting in more work).  Even with putting in more work, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be a winner because there will always be someone smarter, faster, better, period.  It’s the drive and desire to be better that gives you the upper hand. I’m no football player but I have a pretty good stiffarm.  #allIdoiswin

A girl needs to be surrounded by good men.  I’ve got 3 of the best and even though they won’t tell you, I’m their favorite!  #gamessiblingsplay


Customer needs assistance on aisle 3.

In my ethereal thinking, I realize that most folk in the bible, including Jesus were entrepreneurs.  Each were, in their own way doing their own version of kingdom building.  That is how I see entrepreneurship, well, at least that is how I see my own.

Pretty much everyone in the bible had a sidekick.  Yes, some can do it alone and don’t, per se, “need” a sidekick but it’s nice when you know someone else has your back because they hear what you’re saying and can see what you see.

John the Baptist, has to be hands down, the best sidekick, EVER.  He was hyping Jesus up long before he knew who Jesus was – knew as in, oh yeah, that dude right there.  He was grinding for G-d without being asked or paid.  That type of ride-or-die is like a white elephant nowadays.

I was graced with a glimpse of a modern day John the Baptist, white elephant if you will.  I chuckled because “John” stated several times that “I don’t feel like I did anything” but great service, especially when done out of genuine love and belief in what it is your doing, never feels like “anything”.  We perform our best when, with everything that we are, we believe in what we are doing.  Now, that’s now to say that we shouldn’t always try to do our best but that takes a little more effort than most of us are willing to put in, at least it does for me.  The struggle is real when I’m engaged in something where my head and heart aren’t aligned.  It is then I must remind myself that whatever I’m doing, I’m doing it for the L-rd.  Yeah, that doesn’t always work, sorry, it just doesn’t.  Not going to lie.  I’m working on it though, seriously but man, we humans make it sooo difficult but again, the key word is human.  Often, it is hard to see the good, benefit, use of doing something that we aren’t really keen on doing.  Oh the lessons of sacrifice to be learned in moments such as those.

If you love me, you’ll serve me.  Well, I certainly felt the love yesterday because I was served and served well.  MMS – Modern day John the Baptist, the elusive white elephant trumpeting (crying out) in the wilderness about one he believes in…me.

Home Depot’s slogan is “You can do it. We can help”  I get it.  We all “can” do but man, is it nice when you can get a little help.  A little help goes a long ways and for me, my human help went over 200 miles and not once did they ask, Are we there yet?