There’s a saying, “It ain’t bragging if it’s true”, well the truth of the matter is, I am one tired athlete.  See, I’m learning to swim…again. Not again again, but for the 4th or 5th time because the other times missed something…they didn’t teach me how to swim.  So frustrating!  See, I’m a late blooming athlete.  Growing up, I was too girly and being an athlete meant sweating and getting dirty and worse yet, smelling.  Uh, no thanks.

Today, I could not care less.  My reverse logic tells me it’s better this way.  As a kid, it’s expected that you may become athletic, but anything past the age of 25 is all self motivation and even that is often lacking.  I don’t concern myself with the goals/triumphs/success of others.  I’m happy for them and will gladly celebrate but I’m doing mE.  I did my first Triathlon (Sprint) after my 3rd or 4th lesson and what I did in the pool could not even remotely be classified as swimming but I made it to the end.  Swimming has so many mechanics to remember that yes, I often forget to breathe, not a good thing when submerged in water.  If I’m breathing, I’m not kicking.  If I’m kicking, I’m not breathing.  If I’m breathing and kicking then my stroke is off or my head is coming up or my leg is kicking out too wide or SOMETHING is not going as it should.  When I’m in the pool, in my head I’m mirroring Missy Franklin.  In reality I probably look more like Franklin Mississippi but I keep at it.  Why, I’m not exactly sure, I got nothing to prove to no one but myself and I guess that’s why I keep going.  Rising before the rooster, sun and birds to get to the pool in the cold and sometime rainy weather takes effort.  Some days my effort is there and other days, well, lets just say ugly has its place in exercising.

Oddly enough, I’m getting better.  Not by my account but by the account of the lifeguards who see at the pool 3 days a week.  Every days I swim, I aim for 800yds or more.  Some days I get it and some days I just don’t have it.  I had ADD so it’s REALLY hard for me always get it in because after the first 100yds I’m ready to go. My goal is to swim 1 mile, continuously.  It doesn’t matter how long it takes me, speed will come later, for now, I’m just trying to get it right.

Whoever said progress is a slow process probably WAS talking about me, but hey, I don’t mind.  I AM destined for greatness and Greatness and the genius thereof, cannot be rushed.  Tomorrow I’m going to video myself swimming so I can actually “see” what I’m doing; right or wrong.  I really won’t have any idea exactly what I’m looking for but it doesn’t even matter.  I will see evidence of the slow (and oft repeated) process of my swim progress.

I don’t know what you heard about me – up before dawn cracks ain’t easy – me, you and folk from AARP – RAW PIMP.

Person in the middle of practice!


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