Day 9 – The Babe Who Throws Down Fire

“Jesus wants to cast a consuming fire on the earth to burn away all that is opposed to G-d’s desire for us.” Fr. Robert Barron

Luke 12:49 can be a bit off putting, after all, WE live here on earth. Everyone knows that fire is used to cleanse/sterilize. It took my own journey to really understand that is what the bible means by “Hearts on Fire” ohhh, my heart is dirty (sinful), ok I get it. Wait, wasn’t I born with a dirty heart, soo why not cleanse it before I get here? Huh, it’s too easy. If you do it then I won’t learn anything, but what is there for me to learn? I need to learn how to make choices but I thought you were in control, doesn’t that mean you make all the choices for me? — See how this can go on. I resigned myself that this is how free will came about. Life is the ultimate buffet; an endless amount of choices. Yeah, free will is overrated, IMHO. Life for me was much simpler when my grandparents were here telling me what to do. Of course I did my own thing at times, but the majority of the time I relied on them. Funny how I have such a hard time relying on the one they relied on. Yeah, yeah, it’s that whole faith, seeing, touching thing. Take a listen to Chaka Khan sing Through the Fire, those who are on a journey will understand and appreciate the lyrics (great writer BTW) and may want to ask themselves; when the fire rains down, will I walk through, becoming purified or will I be like Usher (let it burn, let it burn, let it burn)?

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