Day 8 – A New Beginning

“A new creation, some new and unheard of order is emerging out of chaos.” Fr. Robert Barron

In his daily reflection, Fr. Robert Barron notes that “opening lines matter, especially when dealing with a great writer.” THAT is such a true statement. First words matter. I won’t say they can make or break you but they can certainly cause you equal amounts of joy and pain. As a great writer, IMHO, it’s important for me to peak your interest right from the start, hence my use of weirdly unassociated titles/headings at times. It’s all relative but in my own way. People often talk about new beginnings but I doubt if we really give much thought as to what it really means. If we did, we’d need less therapy to help deal with/get over the past.

At night, when we retire to bed, this, I believe, is the start of our new beginning. Our bodies and mind, hopefully are at rest and thus in the process of rejuvenating themselves to prepare us for a new creation (day) because regardless to what we see and think, this day is unlike any other. There are those who say the bible is just a story and that I don’t argue, for it is the best storybook ever written, IMHO, but is it really just a story? If it is, the writer(s) definitely is The GOAT because from Apostolic to Atheist, it seems everyone has read the story or some parts thereof and in that, the writer(s) achieved their goal. They got you to turn the page. Sucker!!!

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