Advent Day 5 – The Spirituality of Waiting

“Like (St.) Ignatius and the slouchers in Purgatory (Hell for you non-Christian folk), we wait. Although most of us are in a hurry, G-d calls us to a period of anticipation for the newborn King.” Fr. Robert Barron

Yes, the theme is repetitive, so if it bores you, I understand. No one likes waiting or reading about waiting but hey, we do our best to make the reading and waiting enjoyable. Back in the day, Ms. Fix My Life wrote a book In the Meantime and what I took away from that book is in life we are always on our way to something. Life is a journey after all and the events that happen along the way to your desired destination is “the meantime”. Take me, I’m on this journey and I know where I want to go, have no idea the exact method of getting there but I just know where I want to go. Until I get there, as I go on my way getting there, at times I have to wait. Wait for assistance, wait for instructions, wait for food, wait for money, all this waiting and nobody comes out to tell you how long the wait will be. If life were a company it would be in bankruptcy because it has THE WORST customer service, maybe only second to Comcast. But wait we will for bad service and anything else that we can wrap our pudgy little fingers around but waiting on The L-rd, well let’s not get carried away. The L-rd is slow, period. You know how you ask your parents for something and they tell you “in a minute” and you go back a few minutes later and ask again and they again tell you “in a minute” (little louder voice) and you go back a few minutes later and then you get a speech, well, that’s how I’ve come to understand G-d. His time is not like our time. When we ask/pray/beg/bargain for something and we keep asking/praying/begging/bargaining and still nothing, we get frustrated (but He did say pray without ceasing, so there goes that theory) but like parents, He’s saying, geez, you just asked me 5 minutes ago (his 5 minutes, for you maybe 5 months, 5 years) stop bugging me, I’ll get to it when I’m ready. And so we wait and in the meantime, what we do in the wait is what really matters.

Thank you for calling, we are experiencing heavy call volume.

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