Advent Day 3 Ich Warte Ich Warte

I’m behind on my posting but then I suspect some are behind n their reading 🙂 Week 1 Day 3 I’m Waiting, I’m Waiting

“Advent is the liturgical season of vigilance or, to put is more mundanely, of waiting.” Fr. Robert Barron

It took me a minute to get with this notion when I first started celebrating Advent. Waiting, what and/or whom am I waiting on… oh, The L-rd. Ok, wait, huh. Christmas is the time when we celebrate/commemorate the birth of Jesus. Ok, he was born, got that part. Yes, he was crucified, died and was buried, yep, got that part too. On the third day he rose, happy about that part, soooo exactly why am I waiting again? Ohhhh, the second coming, right. After all, somebody has to clean up this mess we’ve created here on Earth and I don’t know about you but it’s going to take more than just voter elections, executive orders, protests and bailouts to fix this world. It’s going to take a tremendous amount of love and the bible says love is patient, love it kind, ya’ll know the rest and ya’ll also know that it doesn’t really exist here on Earth, so for me, yes, I am waiting, I’m waiting for love.

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