Pissy Stairwell

Unlike those buildings in movies or on any given episode of “Good Times”, I can’t recall a time where I’ve had to walk up a significant flight of stairs. Steps have their place and value in life. They take us from one level to another and back down again, if necessary. They walk us through complicated processes and allow us to enjoy savory treats. Overall, steps have been good to me.

I read on FB a post on a friend’s page that talked about having an “Ex” and blended families. Blended families are great but as with any blending, mixing or meshing; something is bound to get left in the bowl, left out of the mix. Usually, what gets left out is the one who is not there.

I’ve seen what the addition of “steps” can do and it doesn’t always lead to heaven. People fear steps, see them as encroaching on their space and time. Some steps are treated better than the original workings of a home and when that happens, termites are bound to turn up somewhere. Those original stairs start to rot, from the inside due to neglect and care not because they aren’t genuinely cared for but because they’ve been there the longest, it is assumed that they are more sturdy, thus requiring less maintenance. If the old steps and the new steps aren’t joined together correctly, it can lead to many a bumps and bruises.

In some instances, steps can be better than the originals and by better, I mean, sometimes even that which is original could use some updating, resurfacing. Steps of any kind can bring you closer or take your farther apart. I’ve seen steps take some loved ones so far apart, they lose themselves trying to navigate the path to their loved one. If not managed properly, steps can lead to a world of negativity and complacency; after all, steps are designed to take us and bring us back, but never to leave us.

People like “original”; look how popular original hardwood floors are in homes, or crown moulding, or anything that can seemingly bring value to a home. It’s all a matter of taste and priority really. What’s important to some is not necessarily important to another. Careful: Watch your step, that first one’s a doozy!

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