Who died and made you Chief?

I get excited by the little things: happy endings on tv, a good cupcake, waking up in the morning, you know, the little things. So, just how stoked was I to see an old video from Tavis Smiley and Will Smith and to hear Smith say “that 2+2 is whatever I want it to be.” See, I’ve always believed that things are exactly what you want them to be, regardless what the world tells you it should be. Yeah yeah, I know what the “NORM” is, but nobody ever did anything great being Normal.

Here I sit, sumo squatting and typing this, one might say, that is not normal, but hey, writers aren’t known to be normal so I’m in good company. Conventional wisdom and theories will tell you that anyone who always wants things their way is a narcissist. I say, as Misty Copeland says, “Will what you want” and if I want 2+2 to equal Fe then so it shall be. It doesn’t matter that I have to apply the “Normal” theories of what 2+2 is, I can roll with the flow, but when it comes to my world, I don’t allow squirrels.

Everything and I do mean, EVERYTHING happens for a reason and in the appointed season. I’m late on a lot of stuff — just saw The Davinci Code last month and I’ve never seen a Star Wars movie (please, rubber bullets only) so it wasn’t meant for me to see that video when it originally aired. So glad I didn’t because I may not have been as observant but I would have totally agreed, as I do now. Life, my life, is what I want it to be (so long as G-d says so)))). Yes, I conform to the worldly NORMS (such as the law calls for) but when it comes to my world, only G-d can tell me what is normal and I’m not Normal :). I’ve never told anyone that there was nothing wrong with me and I’m ok with that. My thinking is ethereal, I dream in color, lots of colors and patterns and designs, all at the same time (think flowers and plaid).

My un-normalness can seem like unreasonableness or absurdity at times but I’m just willing what I want and that can take on many forms but hey, it takes work to will what you want and work can get ugly, messy and quite complicated. I’m no bulldozer but I’m no house of cards either. I work hard for what I want and if I want 2+2 to equal a pack of now and laters then that is my will. I’m not interested in the probability, I’m interested in the possibility and anything is possible with my G-d. Now, as in all things, Thy (HIS) will be done, not mine but, since ALL things work together for the good of those who love the L-rd and since I looovvve the L-rd; 2+2=4 because that’s the law, the NORM. But since he only wants the best for me, in my world, he’s ok with 2+2= whatever I will it to. I’m just curious, whose sharp enough to roll with me?

What’s your New Normal?

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