No Ellis Island here

So, it’s only been 8 years but I finally saw the Davinci Code tonight and I must say it was/is very intriguing. Just What IF Jesus had actual descendants? After all, he was human and we were told to go forth and multiple. Did that exclude him? I’m not trying to debate that whole thing, I’m just talking about, what if people could be directly related to Jesus? Can you imagine the fighting THAT would create?

How would the government keep track and what would that race moniker look like? No doubt it would be “something –American” because heaven forbid someone actually born here just be American. Guess that would give a whole new meaning to “Native American” huh? And please, before anyone gets their political feathers in a bunch, my grandfather was full Meherrin (look it up).

I wonder if we would treat them like celebrities. Would they be allowed to give blood? I honestly think people might steal it, after all, it is the ultimate in Royal blood lines, right or right? Come to think of it, it may very well be hell on earth. People would expect them to always be Christ-like. Talk about walking a mile in your great-great-great-great –great grandfather’s shoes.

As for me, yes, I am related to Jesus, I am a direct descendant and no I don’t know who my great-great-great-great grandparents were, Adam and Eve I suppose and based on what I’ve read about them, I can’t really blame my parents too roughly for their mistakes now can I. The movie was so well written that I’m not above entertaining the idea that walking around somewhere on earth are people who are direct descendants of Christ. The other most fascinating point of all… women are the key. Open your eyes and ears. To quote one of my most liked movies… “I’m not reaching for the moon. The moon is reaching for me” Sabrina

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