Creatively and Openly Insane

Anyone who is creative and honest with themselves will tell you, it is hard being a genius. No, I’m not full of myself nor do I have an inflated ego. Being creative comes with a unique set of challenges that most find, irritating. For me, the insanity is the drought season. Oh, I have plenty to say and write about but for some reason when I’m done, it’s not to my liking. A chef will slowly add seasonings, careful not to overdo it, less they be left with something too salty, sweet or worse, downright inedible.

When I have pen to paper or fingers to keys, I chuckle about the struggles of Mozart, Beethoven, Michaelangelo and Michael Jackson; I can only imagine what that creative insanity looked like but I totally get the passion. Some may think I’m a flake, not serious about my craft because I go for extended periods of time without writing. Writing is a daily presence for me, it is the sharing that drives me insane. See, sharing requires acknowledging and accepting a certain level of vulnerability and let’s be honest, vulnerability isn’t high up on the list of things to do, but do it we must. I struggle with vulnerability. As an artist I’m sensitive about my ish and as such leery of sharing but hiding ones light under a bush creates nothing but a brush fire. Some will get and accept it, some won’t and it’s all good, as long as your light is shining it’s not for everyone to see. I think I need to go to hoarders anonymous, I hoard my talent/gift, plenty of people do and it’s all because we either can’t be or won’t allow ourselves to be vulnerable.

Jesus was vulnerable. Can’t get any more vulnerable than naked on a cross and yet there he hung, praying for those who hung him. Yeah, I’m not there…yet. I understand the need for and appreciate what being vulnerable can do for myself and someone else. Dr. Maya Angelou (God rest her soul) said “If you get, give. If you learn, teach.” Well, I’ve been given much and gave a lot. I’ve learned much but haven’t taught as much as I should. Teaching requires a certain level of vulnerability but the result is a light that shines bright for the whole world to see.

I must remember that what was given to me was done so that I might give it away. So glad we aren’t known for brush fires in VA.

2 thoughts on “Creatively and Openly Insane

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