Read the label. Scan the barcode.

What are little girls made of?
Sugar and spice and everything nice
That’s what little girls are made of.

What are little boys made of?
Snips and snails and puppy dog tails
That’s what little boys are made of.

Do you remember that? I sure do. Well nowadays you better replace that sugar with Agave or Splenda and better check to see if it is gluten free because little girls today are made of something that smells nothing like sugar and spice. And snips and snails and puppy dog tails seem to have been replaced with shotguns and police chases. Just what are we, you made of anyways?

Me, I have no idea. I imagine blinding smiles, twinkling eyes, the “warm and fuzzies” and all the pleasantries associated with being The I AM THAT IS E. I was listening to a podcast and heard it said that we are the remnants of adversity, for it shows exactly what we are made of. Now, when you first hear/see remnants, leftovers is what comes to mind, I know it did for me. Leftovers. Hmm, I don’t eat leftovers, at least not the next day and depending on what’s leftover, not at all. Then I thought about hotdogs. Ewww! Never eat them, ever. Never have, never will. Taste like Froot Loops when you burp and I hate Froot Loops. Old pieces of fabric and carpet are synonymous with remnants.

Leftovers. Scraps. What’s left. All those nouns/adjectives come to mind when you see/hear the word remnants. But then I had a Shawshank Redemption moment. Love that movie! Old Andy Dufresne, dug a tunnel for nearly 20 years and “crawled to freedom through five-hundred yards of shit smelling foulness I can’t even imagine, or maybe I just don’t want too. Five-hundred yards… that’s the length of five football fields, just shy of half a mile.” Talk about adversity! Put that in running language – 1 mi @15:00 min/mi (this is a brisk walk for some) would put him at 7:30min pace at .5 mi. mark. Seven minutes and thirty seconds. Seven minutes and thirty seconds of crawling “through a river of shit…” Seven minutes and thirty seconds of adversity. “All they found of him was a muddy (yeah right!) set of prison clothes, a bar of soap, and an old rock hammer, damn near worn down to the nub.”, the remnants of his adversity.

What are you made of? Do you have seven minutes and thirty seconds worth of SmartWater, Cliffbar, NO Xplode, G2, Guarana, Ginseng, 5-hour or whatever $2.49 hydrating, caffeinated supplement you need to help you sustain and endure what life throws at you? Do you have seven minutes and thirty seconds worth of faith, hope, courage and trust? Ever notice how long leftovers stay in the fridge? Guess there’s something to leftovers after all.

Me. What am I made of? Well, that depends on the season. Fall/Winter and early Spring (still cold out)? Well I’m no Andy Dufresne but I can best .5 mi @ 7:30 pace. As for late Spring and Summer; Jeff Dunham and Bubba J were talking. Jeff to Bubba J: Do you know what AA is? Bubba J: That’s for quitters.

Sugar melts and spice blows away
Saving my leftovers for a cold winter’s day
Spring, summer adversity?
No where near 7:30
I’m flopping on the ropes
Swaying in the breeze
Battling MotherNature’s
Pollen, heat, grass and trees
Too hot, too messy
For digging down and deep
I’ll watch from indoors
From the elements, myself to keep
Watching from the window, I start to cry
No sadness crazy, allergies, itchy eye
Steroids, nose spray, allergy Rx and rest
I’m neither discouraged nor worried
For power is perfected in the midst of weakness

and that, boys and girls is what I’m made of. What’s on your label?

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