Other duties as assigned.

Anyone who’s ever worked has seen this statement somewhere within a job description. It means, as defined in the Mendactical Dictionary, aside from what’s listed within this job description/paper, anything else that is told/requested of you. There are on rare occasions and I’m talking finding an original, signed Picasso encased in a frame built and signed by Jesus occasions that one can say, “that’s not in my job description” and it be ok.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I can honestly say, I forgot. Not intentionally and I did rebound, but I really did forget and I was so ok with forgetting. See, yesterday, one of the blessings God gave me graduated from college, so yesterday and all that it contained was ALL about him. After the ceremony, a young woman was walking through the crowd with a few remaining flower bouquets. Make an offer, even $1 she said, so I bought a bouquet of roses for $1 and they were nice; full of color and begging for a vase to bloom inside. I’d purchased a Mother’s Day card earlier, so my rebound was complete. I love my mother, grandmother and anyone who’s been a mother to me. As I read the FB posts and saw the varying displays of PDMA I reflected back on a sermon from February regarding service.

I remember seeing a clip of a movie with Sidney Poitier and in the movie he was arguing with his father. His father was going on and on about all the sacrifices he’d made for Sidney’s character. In a much heated debate, Sidney’s character told his father, and I’m paraphrasing… “whatever you did for me as a child/growing up is because that’s what you were supposed to do.” In the sermon, Luke 17: 7-10, it tells how after a servant has finished working, he doesn’t just sit down to eat, but first prepares his master’s meal before he eats his own. And he is not even thanked, for he is merely doing what he is supposed to do.

Getting your props, just due, accolades, etc. is nice and who doesn’t like praise, but when you really think about it and if you’re honest with yourself, do we really need a day to honor someone for doing something they were supposed to do? Some may say, oh, that is so negative, or she must not love her mother, or whatever reflector they choose to use against the truth. Be that as it may, I’m just theorizing here and this applies to the duty owed to those 18 and under. Over 18, nobody owes you anything.

Often there is talk of how a parent sacrificed and worked 2 jobs to put a roof over heads and food on the table, etc. Sorry, working 2 jobs is just fulfilling the duty by any means necessary. The choice is the sacrifice, for when you sacrifice you surrender something, give up something and it is usually by choice. Feeling a little offended? Ok, how about this, tipping. When we go to a restaurant and get your bill, there’s a line for a tip. I came in, ate and now when I’m ready to pay for what I ate, I should monetarily thank you for bringing me the food, being polite and the overall service? Isn’t that you’re employer’s job? Didn’t know that was in the customer job description. Ohhhh, this is extra, this is my sacrifice to you, I get it – other duties as assigned.

As harsh as it sounds and it took me a while to digest the sermon, the truth hurts. Lyrics in a song say for the 9 months I carried you, growing inside me, no charge. Umm you put me there so why should you have the expectation of being paid? Anything that was surrendered to benefit a child under the age of 18 was because it was a duty. Whatever is surrendered after the age of 18, you are allowed to expect it to be returned. “Find recognition in the sacrifice, not the acknowledgement of the sacrifice.” (S. Nelson)

Happy Best- insert job title-Ever Day!

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