Like a Good Neighbor, the Company you Keep dictates if Your in Good Hands

My mother, the good Rev. and I were having a conversation the other day and some how we started talking about Christ on the cross/crucifixes. I reflected on our conversation later that evening and came to the conclusion, well not really a conclusion because there was really nothing for me to debate with myself about, that I know and have always known that Christ is NOT still on the cross. I believe the cross/crucifix serves as a constant reminder of what Christ freely endured and willingly sacrificed for us. Sort of like a car insurance rate increase. In 2013, if you have an accident (mostly at-fault, you will be reminded of it for at least 3 years. Before your 2013 accident, you were paying say $100, after your 2013 (at-fault) accident your premium jumped up to say $180. An $80 increase every year for a minimum of 3 years for a single incident. 3 years! That’s 2016. You mean to tell me, I have to pay for a single incident for at least 3 years?, c’mon!

That rate increase and lest not forget the DMV points you will incur, will serve as a reminder of some badly timed exercise of yours or another’s driving free-will. That is how I see the cross/crucifix. A reminder of what He has done for me to have the right to write these words and engage in any other Verb I so desire, of my own free-will.

I chuckle when I think about a possible conversation between Jesus and God. Jesus is sitting at the right hand of the Father and they are watching us in true >HD display and He points out, with a hint of irritability that it baffles Him how we/some/most go about our Calisthenics of free-will in complete ingratitude and oblivion. Making choices/decisions without thought of the true consequences and affects of listening to ourselves and others In the world, prejudicing ourselves to His holy inspirations.

Think about how maddening and frustrated you become when someone comes to you for help and you take a significant amount of time, energy, money, etc., and then they turn around and dismiss/disregard/ plain old dis everything that they asked you for and do what they were planning to do all along. I know I would feel some type of way about it and would tell them, matter-of-factly, Look, don’t ask me for my (fill in the blank) if you’re just going to (fill in the blank). Like car insurance policies, if you keep having these occurrences, you may have to cancel some folk, demote them or non-renew the ship (select the type you had).

We all need reminding of things. Day-planners, calendars on phones and in email, text messages, alarms; they all serve to remind us of something. Unless we’ve selected an END date/time, that reminder will keep popping up. That rate increase on your car insurance policy serves to remind you of something you did and should not do again. Crosses, crucifixes and other such religious images and statues serves as a reminder of what He did for us. He did it all without a rate increase, assigning points or annoying alert reminder notifications. I know how I treat my alert notifications – most of the time I ignore them, even though I willfully took the time to artificially remind myself. So glad He doesn’t treat me like I’d treat me, otherwise, I would have been cancelled, demoted, non-renewed and even rejected long before I was a twinkle in my parent’s eyes.

I’m a Spiritual Fruit, not a Religious Nut, of which God wants the former. I am neither concerned nor worried about whether a reader of my words believes or not because I’ve done my job. In the words of Mystikal, I’ve shown you what I’m working with. Belief in God is like a blog, whosoever will, let him come. I’m so glad you decided to come by my blog. I appreciate your time and my hope is to be renewed and promoted on your list of things to do/read.

どうもありがとう (Thank you very much!) My sensei would be so proud 

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