Bloggers, Rhyme Spitters, Pen-grippers – lend me your eyes?

Since our speech is a reflection of what is going on inside us, as writers, our written word is our speech, so what is going on inside of us? Some innards I read are awesome, and I’m not easily impressed, not that you care, but the old saying of the first line or paragraph grabbing you indicates if you’ll keep reading – that is true for me. I read a piece the other day and it was McDonald’s! When that was written, what was going on inside them? If our “speech” can be checked for clues to our strengths and weaknesses, can a writer be banned for using HGH? If while in this world (and not of it!) the idea is to grow as a human, then a little HGH shouldn’t hurt, right? To grow one needs patience and patience isn’t something some of us have an abundance of, at least I don’t, or didn’t (it’s much better now). Funny thing is, as a writer, I believe we are quite patient. Writing takes time and we do not harvest until the crop is just right. Sentence structure, punctuation, grammar; forming the perfect sentence or paragraph can be a daunting task. Some writers throw everything down and sort it out later. Others are more meticulous; sorting and writing as they go. What does that say about them? I once heard a famous writer say that any writer worth their salt has 2 or more projects going at one time. For me, nothing could be truer, but I now know that it is because having the creative mind that I do, I am unable to be sustained by the mere thought or presence of just 1. 1 – so isolating and yet so strong, for we can only create our masterpieces 1 word at a time. My thoughts are like my breath – constant and unconsciencnable and so as they flow out they must go to the sea on tranquility to rest until called upon to serve. Like souffles, they cannot be disturbed.

My mind is a thrift store; full of new, used, neused, wanted, discarded, wounded, brokenhearted, forgiven, graced, immaculate, unchaste, overflowing, undernourished, disparate, identical, singular, plural, disavowed, disgusted and highly regarded -ings and -isms waiting to be sifted, sorted, shuffled and supported by this thing we call patience.

Thrift store motto is: Miss a day, miss a deal. My mind is a thrift store, if I miss a day of writing, what does that say about me?
and BTW, do you know how much patience it takes to shop in the thrift?. IJS.

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