Is that all? #confusedface

I’m really not the type to say I told you so, but after the word I heard Sunday 2/3/13 –
(Dr. S.D. Nelson @Abyssinia Baptist Church gave the business!) –
this TOLD YA! (little kid voice) feels all right.

“This ain’t a feel good everything’s fine sing-along. You got the wrong song” (Nashville)

I, am greedy. Yep, I said it. Greeeeedddddyyy. Yes, I know it’s a sin, but let me explain before you condemn me to spend eternity picking up cigarette butts from the side of the road with a pair of mini tweezers, wearing a bear suit costume in the middle of summer in Phoenix. Ahem (in clergy voice), turn with me to Luke 17: 7-10, you nonbelievers too!

The text talks about being a servant. Now, we all know this country was built on the backs of servants, so we all know the meaning of servant and serve. We are all servants. Everyday we serve (whatever you do for a living, you’re serving) and the majority of the time, by the time we get home, we are all served out. You get off work, you want to go home and relax, go to happy hour and relax, whatever it is you want to do when you get off you want to be the Master because you’ve been serving all day long and you are tired. Ahhh, but your service is just getting started. The service of the servant must be sustained – meaning, don’t nobody care how hard you worked all day, all I know is, when you get home, I want my time, your service to me and vice versa. You parents know what I’m talking about. Work all day, kids don’t care nothing about the work you brought home, they want to play. You owe them your service. When you don’t sustain your service you are neglecting those you are supposed to serve and that just ain’t right SMH. If you’re at a restaurant and the server neglects you, you would likely complain to the manager. In order to maintain a steady flow of good tips, the server must sustain by maintaining a steady flow of service.

Same applies in relationships, whatever kind of ship they may be. A servant (us) whose service (working, spending time, kissing, hugging, laundry, cooking, cleaning, reading books, giving baths, wiping noses, doing hair, etc) is not sustained (reciprocated where applicable – paycheck and all the above) may soon seek other employment. We get haughty because we want recognition for our service. Huh? You want me to acknowledge and give you credit for something you’re SUPPOSED TO DO? Human service is owned by 7-11; open 24/7.

The service you give someone else is of no benefit to me, I need my own and vice versa. The service you gave your employer is irrelevant when it comes to service to your spouse, kids, family, church, community, etc. and vice versa. Don’t care what kind or how much service (time, energy, etc.) you gave (fill in the blank). Whuhdatgottodowitme? (2Chainz voice) I was so busy at work, I didn’t get to eat lunch – and? I had to go check out something then go do something for my mom/kids/church – and? We went out the other day – and? “You gotta get yours but fool I gotta get mine” (Snoop)

I know it may sound and seem a bit harsh but it’s the truth and the truth is sometimes harsh. Every one and every thing requires its own service.

What I/you/they ate and drank yesterday will not, can not sustain me/you/them for today and the same goes for the service. I’ve been saying that for years! I KNEW I was right (fist pump/swing in the air, Ray Lewis dance!)

Some of us are probably going to, if you haven’t already, be called to the office to talk about our service, or lack thereof. This is not the economy one wants to be unemployed in, soooo, if you’ve had some complaints about your service (given or received) you better get your act together, don’t you ever get to thinking your irreplaceable!

You’re Fired. Garsonu! (finger snap)

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