$3 bill

You – you need a, a doctor, a preacher, the laying of immaculate oiled hands to heal ‘ya
ANYTHING to free you, thee, thou from yourself

Me – I need a bat and a mask, to accomplish the task, while blindly swinging, deaftone singing, ridding you and them from my life

Solitude and peace interrupted by impending creaks you make intruding upon my Chi with your bag-fulla neg-ga-tiv-vi-ties and poor folk riches

You – you need a hug, a word – to prepare you for the chaos about to converge on this can’t look away, vomit inducing, vulture circling permeation called, wait – what’s your name again?

Me – I need a vat of acid and some bleach to Clorox those mountains that erupted and peaked, spewing all types of moments when I attempted to reach for my life

You – you need to be bound and gagged and your pissed away life dragged from behind and out of that homo/hetero/metro/anglo/afro/ino racist, ageist curtain/closet as you are seat-strapped beaten within 1 inch and 1 hair – back into the oddity of what we call normal.

Me – I need to shed this skin I’m in, get washed from within to start life a new, the forgiveness of me and forgetfulness of you

Them – We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal

Us – Please, don’t piss in the wind and tell us its raining, for a gust of wind just may come and drown you.

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