Don’t make me treat you like a 47 percenter!

Well, the Christmas holiday (time off, traditional food, seeing family and friends) is officially over and now it’s time to step back into reality and return to my tart lemonade writing. One of the nice things about writing is that you can pretty much say whatever’s on your mind about pretty much anyone and there be little to no repercussions because people don’t read. It’s true. When I worked in the insurance industry, can’t tell you the number of times people admitted to not reading their policy. Hey, I gave it to you, I can’t make you read it, and so goes life. We THINK we know what things say or contain but we’re just WAGing through life and WAGing is ok until the poo starts flying, then everybody’s ducking for cover. What sparked this post was I had a coupon for BoJangles, BOGO equal or lesser value, so I go in, give the cashier my coupon and place my order. I even ask/tell him that I’ll pay the upcharge for white meat. No problem. No, on to the freebie. Before I could finish my sentence Chicken Little Lena (I’m guessing she was the manager) was shaking her head no. Now, I have a magnet that asks God to keep one hand on my shoulder and the other over my mouth and let me tell you, His hand was clamped down tight. I started to go all Mitt Romney on her but I refrained. What could you(she) possibly have been saying no to when I hadn’t finished my question. I read very well, comprehend even better, so equal or lesser value translates to; if I buy something that costs $10, I can either buy something else at $10 or something less than $10 right? (I know you’re nodding, amening in agreement) So why then did Chicken Little and her slow chick tell me I couldn’t have the same order for free? Don’t know if you’ve ever seen an inside tornado, but the old me would have gone all Linda Blair on her but again – hand over mouth. As I waited for my food I surmised, what I believe to be the reason for the unnecessary clucking. I was looking somewhat of a hot teenaged mess – baggy school logo pants on (GO BEAVERS!), face broke out like a Senior on picture day and uhh, wearing a mink jacket holding a Longchamp purse. Now, I don’t know if that was the real reason, again this is my version so you get my words, but I can’t help but wonder. At one time or another, we’ve all judged another based on appearance. Not saying it’s right, IJS. We all have that “you talking about me” sense and not that I cared, but don’t treat me like I just learned how to read. I started to call the corporate office and ask them if their employees are trained on understanding and applying the term “equal or lesser value” but I refrained. I’m glad I refrained because I’m highly sensitive and well, that doesn’t make for a good confrontation, I’m liable to say anything (I don’t curse but like poots, one will slip out on occasion). So to Chicken Little Lena and her slow chick Sam I say peep when peeped to. No, I don’t look down on people, I treat everyone the same (tell you about another incident later) and if your behavior is warranting some sort of slam (in my opinion of course) then let the slamming commence (cue the mic!).

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