Muhammad Ali, LL Cool J

On the Sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me…a humble, childlike heart. Christmas and birthdays are about the best times a person can have in life. These are times where excitement and giddiness cause us to act like little children. In a world where so often us adults are told to “grow up” and “quit being so childish” these times such behavior is almost mandatory. No one embodies excitement and anticipation like a child. I think adults get more joy from the viewing than the children get from the opening of gifts and isn’t that nice. I think when you grow up and the responsibilities of adulthood start closing in; it’s easy to lose sight of how humble children are. Everybody wants to be great, and we’re always vying to be tops in everything we do because if you ain’t first, you last (Ricky Bobby voice). When trying to be the GOAT, arrogance and pride can prevent us from asking for necessary help, offering help, and celebrating life and its events with childlike excitement because nobody wants to be called immature. But I say being lacking full growth (def. of immature) isn’t such a bad thing. If you’re full, then there’s no room for anything more and that isn’t good for us humans. Since we are always evolving, there always needs to be room for more; more growth, tolerance, acceptance, just more. Children always have room for more and that is why they are the more accepting and accepted than grown-ups. With all their playfulness and immaturity, it’s no wonder they’ll make it heaven long before us mature adults. Sidenote: Happy Birthday to my Goddaughter. Who loves ya baby?

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