Me and you, us never part. Makidada. Me and you, us have one heart. Makidada.

On the Fifth Day of Christmas – My true love gave to me… Me. I was born today. I… am the magnificent. I am the magnificent with the sensational style and I can go on and on for like a mile a minute (Special Ed voice). Well, 2 score and 1 year ago, our Father, my mom and dad brought forth on this continent a new princess, conceived in sin, dedicated to God and endowed with the knowledge that I CAN DO… I’ve been sick, I’ve been tired, I’ve lived in plenty and I’ve lived in want (or so I thought). Through it all, I HAVE LIVED. Being born in December, during the week of Jesus’ birth and at the end of the year puts your entire life in perspective. I have, for lack of 2 days, lived an entire calendar year and it gives me an opportunity to be reborn, to recreate, by way of a birthday. Reduced to its lowest form, my birth date is 5 and the letter E is the fifth letter of the alphabet. Coincidence, I think not. December 30 is not promised to me, so here’s to today, my day. Here’s to God’s marvelous workmanship; 5’5” with (dark) brown eyes, smile like the sunrise, fearfully and wonderfully made! Hail and blessed be the hour and moment in which this Child of God was born, around 5:30pm, in Virginia, in piercing cold. I… am the magnificent!

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