Walking on the moon, Black President, Men putting the toilet seat down

On the Third Day of Christmas – My true love gave to me…Wonderful Impossibilities. We’ve discussed this before, the whole virgin giving birth to a child that was conceived by the Holy Spirit thing, so let’s talk about everyday impossibilities. 15 years ago, I suffered a loss that while I tried to prepare myself for, the realization of it all was just too much to bear. The love of my life died and yes, I wanted to die. Didn’t know I was going to make it and some days I didn’t. Back then, I thought it would be impossible for me to live without her but here I am, 15 years later and I am still here. Surviving a loss, bouncing back from devastation, pressing through the muck and mire we call everyday life with all its backstabbing, throwing under the bus, gossiping, cheating, stealing and lying; getting through that is impossible and yet every morning when your eyes fly open, you have done the impossible. At times it’s hard for me to fathom the powers of God but when you break down the word, it should offer some clarity. IM, pronounced M – IM is the beginning of Immanuel which means God with us; possible which means capable so there we have it. Impossible is nothing because God is with us, so all things are possible. Remember that next time your eyes fly open and you greet a new day. Regardless if you believe or not, when it comes to waking up every morning, nobody wants to hear the word Impossible (as it is defined today) but then again, like all good things, when you break them down to see how they work, Impossible is just the word you want to hear when you wake up.


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