I call you my best friend

On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… Unconditional love. When things aren’t going as we’d hoped or planned, I don’t think we can moan, groan, complain, or whine enough to God about out displeasure with the current situation. You know it’s true. We can dish out blame like food at a soup kitchen; some for you, and you and you. Like kids, we pout, take our ball and go home because we aren’t friends anymore. But what about the good times, the OMG moments where you really include G? Do you have those? Immanuel means God with us. So, I take it as, whatever happens Immanuel is there, good or bad. We can call up everybody and their great grandmother when something goes wrong but when something goes write, we tend to keep it to ourselves, don’t want to appear to proud but I say treat all incidents the same. Did you know that God has a sense of humor? No? Well He does and He wants to share in your joy, not just your sorrow. Yeah, yeah, He did say cast all your burdens upon Him, but give the man a break. Don’t just call Him when you want something, that’s just being a user and nobody wants to be used. I share with Him all the time because it’s selfish not to, I mean, He’s right there. I talk to Him all the time and out loud. Yes, I may appear off my meds but who cares. I’m talking to someone who doesn’t interrupt, doesn’t make everything about them, isn’t secretly judging me and who will give me the advice I need. I have a somewhat smart mouth, yeah, I’m working on that, but I remember one day I was having a GEC (God and EJ conversation) out loud and someone asked, who are you talking to? Jesus. Who are you talking to? I replied. Nobody, the replied. Oh, that’s a shame, I replied. Immanuel, God with us. If you we’re with someone and they left ignored you or left you out of their lives until they needed something, you probably say, I’m not mad, I just don’t fool with you like that. How funny would it be if God said that? Now THAT would be funny, or not, depending on if he said it to you. I promise I won’t laugh.

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