Capricorn in the house

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… His one and only, redeemer for sinner, unbeliever, faithless, you get the idea. Some say the bible isn’t real, well they don’t call it the greatest story ever told for nothing. Shakespeare himself couldn’t have written something this good. Adam, the flawless, sinless mirror image of God who with one bite thrusts the world and everything in it into the sinful state of existence we have today. Jesus, the flawless, sinless Son of God who with one breath saved the world from Adam’s momentary lapse in judgment. Now that, is a story.
This year I’m celebrating The 12 Days of Christmas because once you receive a gift you are supposed to enjoy it, so from now until Jan. 5 me and my menders (those who read/ follow my blog) will be treated to 12 days of wonderful story telling. Oh, did I mention that my birthday falls during the 12 days of Christmas? You know I’m pretty psyched to be born the same week as they think Jesus was born. I always knew Capricorn’s ruled the world. All hail the King and His little Princess E! Shalom

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