Pressure Cooker

My apologies for missing yesterday.  Seems life got a little hectic and afforded me no time to Relax, Get Comfortable, Get Mended.  My circadian rhythm is off and thus, the hecticness of life took advantage to seep in and take over, leaving me exhausted yet unable to get decent rest.  Having a creative mind is a wonderful thing but it’s like having a kid.  When it’s up, your up.  Anywho, hope you enjoy.

Another text to blog moment.

I’m happy to see you today!

Are you supportive, encouraging? Do you celebrate the achievements of others with as much, if not more joy than you would have for yourself? Do you encourage and support others in things they do? What other people think of us is none of our business but what our friends and family think, to a certain extent, is our business. If you thought I was a loser, why would I want you in my life. If you think I’m awesome (which I am) then that is why you’re still here. 🙂 There is nothing wrong with being humble but those we hold dear should be glad to share in our joys and even our woes. We have enough trust and faith in them to share so don’t make them regret sharing. Celebrate the achievements of those in your life. A phone call, card, text, email, something that lets them know you care. What other people think of me is most certainly none of my business, but then again, those in my life aren’t just other people.  Can you name a time you were supportive/encouraging to another, without prompting from the person? A kind word can rejuvenate a person like a deep cleansing breath.


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