Who loves ya baby?

Yesterday was my Sabbath. Oh don’t get me wrong, growing up as I did, Sunday was THE day, but as an adult, I need that reCREATION after toiling all week and I need it the next day not the day after. Since I’ve developed (my term for aging), I’ve found that Sundays weren’t the same. Before I was as developed as I am now, Sundays were peaceful, restful. Now, I find that my mind shifts into work mode on Sundays and the peace and rest that once was there has been replaced with TO-DO lists, errands to run, sleep to catch up on, and, well, you get the idea. I could no longer be. Just be. Be still, be at peace, be at rest, just be, like I used to be, so I decided to make a change. Fridays are my Cyclone Closings. I’m running non-stop all day, to make sure I cram all my TO-Dos, errands, get in where you fit ins and anything else that NEEDS my attention, time, presence because Saturday is my Sabbath Day. Now, I find that my mind, body, soul and spirit can rest and reCREATE itself from the mental beating they took over the last 6 days. I no longer have to make/find time, get in where you fit in, listen to my cell phone calendar alerts asking for SNOOZE or DISMISS. Nope, now I can just be and oh what a feeling. Took me a while to get used to just be-ing. I was always looking for something to do, felt that I was wasting my precious time because I wasn’t on the computer, running errands or doing something that I’d neglected to do the 6 days prior. Now, whoooo, my be-ing is un-be-lievable. I wake up and my mind is clear. Dad and I talk off and on, all day. The quiet no longer gnaws at me to move. My transition to Saturday Sabbath Day gave me something I had (at least that was/is the perception) and something I yearned for…time. My microwaving, IMing, tweeting, texting, gottahaveitwritenow ID collapsed at the door. EGO was inflated – because I’m being self-centered, and deflated – because my self is being centered. And SUPEREGO, well after putting ID to bed and consoling EGO, found time To Relax. Get Comfortable. Get Mended with feet up and a 32oz cup of Cranberry GingerAle and without a coaster. Oh Sunday is still church day, but since rest is essential to maintaining a balanced life (do they make scales that can handle all that we need to balance) for me, day Seventh Sabbath Shores Soaring Spirits. Say that fast 7 times.

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