Wikileakes you ain’t.

Another text to blog moment

The next few moments will be of  moments gone by.  I wrote and sent them out to a few tailors via text, so for those of you who weren’t fortunate enough to receive it the first time, as Shalimar sings, Second time around.. and I’ll make it better than the first time.

Do you have a confidant? You know, that TV BFF, the one living, breathing, upright walking person in this world, not of it, that you tell ANY and EVERYthing to. One who you can confess all your secrets and sins and know there will be no condemning surprise or judgment when you do? Do you have such a person, and I’m not talking about Jesus either. Oddly enough, I think the Catholics have the right idea. They go into the little closet and confess all their secrets and sins to another that is neither surprised nor judgmental of the exposed secrets and sins. Of course no man, except Jesus, can absolve us of our sins, but its nice to know that when you must confess to another, there will be no judgment, disapproving looks, etc.  Are you someone’s confidant? Do you have a confidant? If you don’t you need to get one. Keeping secrets and sins to yourself is akin to a toothache, constipation and kidney stones. All get worse with time and you wont feel better until it all comes out, but you need the right tool and person for the job. Confidants can help you get rid of your emotional toothaches, constipation and kidney stones. All you have to do is say Ahhhhhhh 🙂

Find a way… To Relax.  Get Comfortable.  Get Mended.


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