Practice what you preach (Barry White voice)

Well, I put into practice what I was purporting when I mentioned a National Don’t Ask Day.  On Monday I put it into play and let me tell you, it is way harder than I imagined.  I knew how much I relied on God but when you quantify it, then it really hits home. Instead of asking, it was a day of thanking.  Yes, I woke up thankful, as I’m sure you do too, but throughout the day, we call on Him, a lot.  I had to catch and remind myself that this was a day of thanksgiving and so I had to rely on the knowledge, wisdom and strength He’d given me already.  Don’t misunderstand, I trust the Lord. I was/am/do not/nor will I ever lean onto my own understanding, I’m just Thanking instead of asking.  Well, I didn’t even make it out the house before I was calling on Him to help me find my keys and another item I had misplaced. In total, I had to correct myself maybe 10-12 times before I reached work (you know how traffic can be). From then on it was all up hill.  Since I was at work, I didn’t even bother keeping track because when I arrive at work, the real asking/needing begins. We’ve all said, one time or another, “Can I go 5 minutes without somebody asking me for something?” Realistically, the answer is no, as it should be.  Some folk are too proud to ask for anything, much less help.  If they won’t ask a human for help, you know asking God is completely out of the question.  Yes, going a day without asking was extremely difficult, much more so than I ever imagined, but it taught me just how much I do rely on God.  I’m sure He appreciated my sacrifice but I’m also sure He had a nice chuckle.  Growing up as an only child, I know the power of asking, consistently, as I’m sure most of you do as well.  Went something like this;  Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma (the obligatory tapping) Ma, Ma, Ma, until, wait for it… WHAT?!!!  Then you proceed to ask for whatever it is you’d like, knowing the odds of receiving it are much greater than if you’d just did a plain old, Ma, can I (and that is a topic for another day, Can I). Little children are nothing else, if not persistent.  Us adults should take a cue and be persistent, especially when talking to God. I say talking because to me, that’s all prayer is, a heartfelt, open, honest talk with God.  If you keep talking/praying, you will keep on getting. If you keep on looking, you will keep on finding. If you keep knocking, the door will be opened.  Everyone who asks, receives; all who seek, find; and the door is opened to everyone who knocks.  You Moms and Dads know a thing or to about this.  If your kid asks you for bread, surely you wouldn’t give them a stone.  So if sinful folk like us give children what they need, surely our Dad will do at least as much.

On Monday, 12/3/12 I took a break from asking and just gave thanks.  I’m so glad that going without asking isn’t a requirement of being thankful.

Remember, always find time… To Relax. Get Comfortable. Get Mended.

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