Hello world!

Hello Friends,  I decided to branch out and let the rest of the world in on what a few of you already know – that I’m Good with Pen.  Get Mended is my movement, Good with Pen is my vehicle through which I mend myself and help others to Get Mended.  Get Mended is about fixing whatever is in need of repair in your life. Like socks, life can get worn down and start to unravel, that is when you need Mending.  I believe my ability to write was and is my God-given gift that I must share with the world. I do not proclaim to know everything but this I know for sure, everyone has something or someone they need to move beyond, everyone needs Mending. I started today because December is about the giving and receiving gifts, so I’m giving my gift to you early. So without further adieu, I encourage you to always find time to Relax. Get Comfortable. Get Mended.


1 thought on “Hello world!

  1. Blessings to you as you pour out to others and put your God given gift to use. ‘Tis the season for giving for sure and what an awesome gift you are sharing with us. Thank you! I look forward to the posts with anticipation and with expectations. Not just for myself but for all that encounter your gift. We will be truly blessed by your words. Hearts will be touched, eyes and ears will be opened, and lives WILL BE mended. I decree and declare it to be so!! May every ounce of encouragement, inspiration and edification that you pour out to us, be returned to you 100 fold!
    In expectation and appreciation,

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