Advent: Give it up, turn it loose

Good Afternoon.  Today marks the beginning of the Advent Season.  The Advent Season is the period of waiting as we prepare for the coming of Christ (are ya ready kids? – Mr. Crab voice) As we start to bring 2012 to a close, let us reflect on how far we’ve come this year.  Wherever we are in our lives, we’ve come this far by faith, leaning on the Lord and a few good souls He’s put around us. Doesn’t matter if your faith was/is rocky, shaky, queasy, uneasy; point is you made it this far, and since you’ve made it this far, perhaps you’re willing to go a little further? (Andy Dufrain -Shawshank Redemption voice)  The song Dead and Gone by T.I. and Justin Timberlake is one of my favorites. It speaks to me. Ohhh, I’ve been traveling on this road to long, just try’na find my way back home. The old me is dead and gone, dead and gone. Whoever I was when I started out, is not the person I am today. Today I a more perfect version of me. More perfect (better than I was before), not perfect. To be more perfect I have to stop doing things that aren’t good for me (eating out, eating late, not sleeping, getting upset quick, ignoring folk – you get the idea). What do you need to stop doing to become a more perfect you? Don’t hurt your head trying to get all deep, sometimes the smallest of changes have the biggest impact.  Once you think of something, stop it for 21 days (you know that’s how long it takes to make it a habit) and at the end, don’t look back but know, the old you is dead and gone.  As we wait patiently on the Lord, in this season, what will you give up and turn loose?

Remember, life is busy and hectic.  Always find time…

To Relax.  Get Comfortable.  Get Mended.

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