Muhammad Ali, LL Cool J

On the Sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me…a humble, childlike heart. Christmas and birthdays are about the best times a person can have in life. These are times where excitement and giddiness cause us to act like little children. In a world where so often us adults are told to “grow up” and “quit being so childish” these times such behavior is almost mandatory. No one embodies excitement and anticipation like a child. I think adults get more joy from the viewing than the children get from the opening of gifts and isn’t that nice. I think when you grow up and the responsibilities of adulthood start closing in; it’s easy to lose sight of how humble children are. Everybody wants to be great, and we’re always vying to be tops in everything we do because if you ain’t first, you last (Ricky Bobby voice). When trying to be the GOAT, arrogance and pride can prevent us from asking for necessary help, offering help, and celebrating life and its events with childlike excitement because nobody wants to be called immature. But I say being lacking full growth (def. of immature) isn’t such a bad thing. If you’re full, then there’s no room for anything more and that isn’t good for us humans. Since we are always evolving, there always needs to be room for more; more growth, tolerance, acceptance, just more. Children always have room for more and that is why they are the more accepting and accepted than grown-ups. With all their playfulness and immaturity, it’s no wonder they’ll make it heaven long before us mature adults. Sidenote: Happy Birthday to my Goddaughter. Who loves ya baby?

Me and you, us never part. Makidada. Me and you, us have one heart. Makidada.

On the Fifth Day of Christmas – My true love gave to me… Me. I was born today. I… am the magnificent. I am the magnificent with the sensational style and I can go on and on for like a mile a minute (Special Ed voice). Well, 2 score and 1 year ago, our Father, my mom and dad brought forth on this continent a new princess, conceived in sin, dedicated to God and endowed with the knowledge that I CAN DO… I’ve been sick, I’ve been tired, I’ve lived in plenty and I’ve lived in want (or so I thought). Through it all, I HAVE LIVED. Being born in December, during the week of Jesus’ birth and at the end of the year puts your entire life in perspective. I have, for lack of 2 days, lived an entire calendar year and it gives me an opportunity to be reborn, to recreate, by way of a birthday. Reduced to its lowest form, my birth date is 5 and the letter E is the fifth letter of the alphabet. Coincidence, I think not. December 30 is not promised to me, so here’s to today, my day. Here’s to God’s marvelous workmanship; 5’5” with (dark) brown eyes, smile like the sunrise, fearfully and wonderfully made! Hail and blessed be the hour and moment in which this Child of God was born, around 5:30pm, in Virginia, in piercing cold. I… am the magnificent!

One for you and one for me. Two for you and two for me.

On the Fourth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me… a good measure, pressed down, shaken together and overflowing. Tis the season to be jolly. A time to give and receive but with more giving than receiving and I’m not talking about standing in Black Friday lines type of giving either. Say the word give and people automatically put a kung-fu claw over their wallets (Protected by Viper, stand back). Everywhere you turn there is somebody asking for something. Can’t pull up to a stoplight or intersection without Brother can you spare a dime knocking on the window. People are stingy by nature, myself included. I DO NOT like to share. What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is yours (or mine if you know me ). Most people are stingy with their money, money I can recoup, but my time, well just call be Ebenezer. Time, unlike money, can’t be replenished. When it’s gone, it’s gone and Lord help if you’ve wasted any. The saying goes, you can’t out-give God and while that is true, you can most certainly try, because even when you fall short, because you will, God loves a cheerful giver. The next time Oliver Twist, Annie, or the Pop Warner Football/Cheerleading teams come a knocking for alms, see if they’ll take a smile, a kind word, a hug, or a listening ear. The reception won’t be any where near as accepting because there was no money involved. You don’t need to be wealthy to possess a giving heart. Don’t give to get, just give. For when you give, you WILL get! I’m a giver, tried to deny it, run from it but just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. I feel great when I give, like now. I’m giving of myself through the writing of this blog, by way of my time and talent. You are receiving my whit and charm, through the reading of this blog, by way of your time. I gave, you gave, we both got (is that proper English—geesh). My life and everything in it stays fulmpty because I’m always giving, so I need to make sure I have room for my getting. To quote the departed Rick James… Give it to me baby. Shalom.

Walking on the moon, Black President, Men putting the toilet seat down

On the Third Day of Christmas – My true love gave to me…Wonderful Impossibilities. We’ve discussed this before, the whole virgin giving birth to a child that was conceived by the Holy Spirit thing, so let’s talk about everyday impossibilities. 15 years ago, I suffered a loss that while I tried to prepare myself for, the realization of it all was just too much to bear. The love of my life died and yes, I wanted to die. Didn’t know I was going to make it and some days I didn’t. Back then, I thought it would be impossible for me to live without her but here I am, 15 years later and I am still here. Surviving a loss, bouncing back from devastation, pressing through the muck and mire we call everyday life with all its backstabbing, throwing under the bus, gossiping, cheating, stealing and lying; getting through that is impossible and yet every morning when your eyes fly open, you have done the impossible. At times it’s hard for me to fathom the powers of God but when you break down the word, it should offer some clarity. IM, pronounced M – IM is the beginning of Immanuel which means God with us; possible which means capable so there we have it. Impossible is nothing because God is with us, so all things are possible. Remember that next time your eyes fly open and you greet a new day. Regardless if you believe or not, when it comes to waking up every morning, nobody wants to hear the word Impossible (as it is defined today) but then again, like all good things, when you break them down to see how they work, Impossible is just the word you want to hear when you wake up.


I call you my best friend

On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… Unconditional love. When things aren’t going as we’d hoped or planned, I don’t think we can moan, groan, complain, or whine enough to God about out displeasure with the current situation. You know it’s true. We can dish out blame like food at a soup kitchen; some for you, and you and you. Like kids, we pout, take our ball and go home because we aren’t friends anymore. But what about the good times, the OMG moments where you really include G? Do you have those? Immanuel means God with us. So, I take it as, whatever happens Immanuel is there, good or bad. We can call up everybody and their great grandmother when something goes wrong but when something goes write, we tend to keep it to ourselves, don’t want to appear to proud but I say treat all incidents the same. Did you know that God has a sense of humor? No? Well He does and He wants to share in your joy, not just your sorrow. Yeah, yeah, He did say cast all your burdens upon Him, but give the man a break. Don’t just call Him when you want something, that’s just being a user and nobody wants to be used. I share with Him all the time because it’s selfish not to, I mean, He’s right there. I talk to Him all the time and out loud. Yes, I may appear off my meds but who cares. I’m talking to someone who doesn’t interrupt, doesn’t make everything about them, isn’t secretly judging me and who will give me the advice I need. I have a somewhat smart mouth, yeah, I’m working on that, but I remember one day I was having a GEC (God and EJ conversation) out loud and someone asked, who are you talking to? Jesus. Who are you talking to? I replied. Nobody, the replied. Oh, that’s a shame, I replied. Immanuel, God with us. If you we’re with someone and they left ignored you or left you out of their lives until they needed something, you probably say, I’m not mad, I just don’t fool with you like that. How funny would it be if God said that? Now THAT would be funny, or not, depending on if he said it to you. I promise I won’t laugh.